Edmonton Oilers owner Katz interested in buying Esks

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“Daryl (Katz, Edmonton Oilers owner) asked me about buying the #Esks,? said former team chairman Doug Goss via @sunterryjones #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Goss: “I told him (Katz) ‘You can’t.’ He said ‘What do you mean you can’t?’ I said ‘You just can’t.’ ? #CFL #Esks via @sunterryjones[/b]

Katz is crapz!
Believe me, We do not want this guy in our League, within 2 years he would be threatening to move the team.

Anyone give him Braley's number?

Warren Moon would by then in a second. He has asked about it before.

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Are the Eskimos actually fot sale? By reading the article it doesn't appear to be.

Interesting to read that ticket sales are not progressing as well as hoped despite winning a Grey Cup. I guess Toronto is not the only team with that challenge.

Makes me wonder if Commonwealth is just too big for today's CFL.

It hasn't really been a good idea in the past to sell to a larger sports franchise. The team has been profitable so no need to sell only to have ticket prices raised and quality of the game experience diminished.


I do agree with you, there's no need for the team to be sold to Katz BUT I'll tell you, though my season tickets are still quite affordable, in the 10 years I've had them they've almost tripled in price.

If the stadium is an issue for the Eskies and I don't know that that is the case, then I think they should be talking to Katz if he would be interested in a development type project for a smaller and more intimate stadium that combines residential or hotel/ retail or what have you.

Maybe the days of Commonwealth are coming to a close as the team's regular stadium.

Perhaps they could just sell the lower tier like BC Place Stadium.

I would doubt that is what Katz is interested in. I would think something more along the lines of what Ottawa has done. Katz was in talks with Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger way back to be part of a new stadium at the West Harbour and NHL team if Edmonton wasn't going to think seriously about a new arena. Katz I'm sure was interested in being involved in other things besides a new stadium, development near the waterfront. I would think.

I know he's not the most liked person but I think people should be talking to him if he has shown some interest in the Eskies and a new development including a stadium or a new development and some major overhaul of Commonwealth, who knows.

We almost need the bigger stadium especially when the melon heads come to town. I will say sitting upper deck to me isn't worth the price of admission. Lower bowl is great though.

There's been too much money and upkeep paid, to end the life of Commonwealth anytime soon. They've really kept it up to a high standard.

I would be interested to know if it would be possible to structurally reverse the initial expansion from 40k to 60k.

Commonwealth Stadium - Edmonton 1978 (40k)

When he said "You just can't" he probably meant that since it's publicly owned, so you can't just buy them. It's not owned by an individual or individuals, the board and shareholders would have to approve a sale.

going from community owned to privately owned is not the simple sale of a privately owned one, no doubt

I sit mid way up in upper bowl (that's where my season seats are) and I've sat down in the lower bowl and I prefer the upper bowl. You can see the play develop. To me, that's why I go. IF the Eskimos adopted what the Lions do and close off the upper bowl, 1. there wouldn't be enough seats and 2. Season ticket holder like me would be forced to sit in the endzone (unless I chose better seats) and for the amount that the Eskimos charge to sit in the lower bowl, I'd rather stay at home and watch it on TV.

I find I can barely see the field way up there. I've only sat up there a handful of times all of which wasn't a fan of the upper bowl. I have terrible eye sight though so maybe it's better for some others.

I go to maybe 6 games and I'm in the box anyway.

Talk about grabbing a quote and going nuts with it! If Katz did say that he wanted to buy the esks to Doug Goss it was said 4 or 5 years ago because Goss hasnt been involved with the Esks since 2010 or 2011. Secondly, if you read the full article the quote came from his response "you just cant" was implying how successful this community owned team has been, how rare that is in today's day and age, and that there's no way a unique team like this would ever be sold privately. They are a huge part of edmonton and quite frankly werent ever for sale. Commonwealth is a beautiful stadium that has stood the test of time. Spending tens of millions on renovations including new seats, a field house, new lodge seats, new dressing rooms, wifi, etc in the past 5 yeats means that the club plans on being there for the long run (another 20-25+ yrs!).

Totally agree the benefit of community owned has stabilized this franchise who has state of the art locker room , field house that are NFL caliber and they always make money and lead the league in attendance . They have a great stadium and are community friendly .

So why sell the golden goose of the CFL to private interests ?