Edmonton Oilers- free agency begins

The Eskimos do play winnipeg later on today, but it is also the first day of free agency. For anyone interested, Fernando Pisani has been signed by the oilers for $8 million(I've also heard $10 million...) for 4 years. Dwayne Rolson has re-signed for 3 years, a good move IMO as although he is 36, he hasn't played all that much.

Those singings are good moves by the Oilers... but the real question is what will they get for Pronger? It is a no win situation no matter what Lowe does, but if he can get a good players in return then I say he does win... I think they will need a scoring defenceman and a gritty Peca like player, cause from what ive heard, Peca will be signing with an Eastern team.

Considering Chara has just signed for $7.5M today, I think Pronger's trade value just went waaaaay up. Pronger is still locked into a $6.25M contract for 4 more years, has better stats than Chara in the regular season, and whereas Chara has a reputation for folding like a cheap tent in the playoffs, Pronger has a reputation for stepping up his game in the post season.

If Chara's worth $7.5M on the open market, then Pronger is a great value for $6.25M.

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It's good to have Reasoner back, except he hasn't been the same player since his knee injury two years ago, in my opinion.

And priority #1 is that Lowe needs to bolster the defense. Losing Pronger and Spacek left a pretty big hole.

Reasoner will be a good centre for the 4th line this year. Oilers also picked up a defenceman in Daniel Tjarnqvist(don't now who the hell he is...), for 1.6 million/ year if i recall correctly.

The offense is going to be even better next year than it was this year. IMO Pisani, Horcoff, Stoll, Hemsky, Torres, and Schremp(if given enough ice time) all have the potential to be 20 goal scorers next year. Lupul and Smyth will probably be up around 30 goals. In a division with such superb goaltending from all teams, it is going to be essential that the oilers play strong offensively.

The re-signing of Rolson will ensure that the team has excellent goaltending year round(unlike last year's "musical chair" goalies?).

The only question now is defense, and I have a feeling Lowe will add another player or two before the season begins. But even if he doesn't, I feel that the goaltending, and forwards will be capable of picking up the load that a questionable defence brings.

This team is going to be better than the team we had at the start of last season, and with solid goaltending year round, I have no reason to believe why the oilers won't take the northwest divison next year. I can't wait for hockey to start again!