Edmonton officially announces team name as Elks

EDMONTON — Edmonton has officially announced on Tuesday that the team will be known as the Edmonton Elks. Along with the new name, the team also revealed its new logo.

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Terrible name..... what were they thinking.

According to some leaks, it's the Elks

I kind of hope it's right though I prefer just Elk

It's officially the Elks

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Dumb and Dumber

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Good thing I didn't bet any money on this... was hoping for Energizer Bunnies


I would have preffered Golden Eagles but Elks is okay. As a fan of «cartoonish» logos who still mourns the death of the Alouette's angry bird en 2019, I find the green/yellow/white logo kinda cool.

Elks is good. There's history behind it, and they've done a really good job with the new logo. I assume the helmets will remain the EE, though?


I hear they are demanding the team change its name, claiming misappropriation and an affront to their lodges!

Apparently, a group of elk is referred to as a “gang.”
At least there’s that. The logo’s good.

New helmet design. Double E no longer on it in lieu of Antlers.

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I'm glad. That means there is hope for CFL to go on. I was afraid there be no announcement if there was any sense from the Edmonton regime that the CFL was folding. They must have a good idea the CFL is returning or why waste time with announcing it and paying for all the changeover. Elks is a good name too with a brief CFL history.

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I personally think it's a really boring name, but I also think it will work out just fine the team. In a couple of years nobody will think about it.

I don't know whether to roll on the floor laughing or to cry. This is just plain old bush league embarrassing. Why doesn't the league just give the teams numbers 1-9 lots of room for expansion.

Meh, people called REDBLACKS embarrassing too. It's not THAT bad of a name, as if they called the team the Ephemeral or the Ewe.

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Looks good really well done . Love the helmet design .

It was time to bring out the new name it gives the CFL fan hope to get the season started in August .


I guess the next time they come on the field at a opposing field the fans don't have to boo them but just laugh at them. For ever Schmoes!

I'm in before anybody else with Elkskimos! :football:


And their fans can be known as Elk-ie-holics . :partying_face: :deer: :beer:


As an Irish fan who first saw CFL on Screensport in 1980s and then had to wait until got full internet recently I cannot wait for Edmonton Elks. Green & Gold and the National Animal of Ireland (Dublin Antlers was the name of a Madden NFL expansion team). Had been a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan ("Green is the colour!") but unless the CFL expands into Ireland or Scotland or possibly Atlantic Canada this is my team from now on! Still like Roughriders though!

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