Edmonton New fan amenities to go with new seats

The ESKS and Commonwealth stadium are following popular trends for sports events amenities for fans.

  • New Roof top patio in south endzone

  • Field Level Lounge. While this is not new to the CFL as we often see VIP tents set up in endzones but this looks to be taking it to another level.

  • These are in addition to other amenities already at eh stadium such as the sponsored Saw Mill Party Party.

What other types of new amenties have been added to different stadiums throughout the CFL for this season.
Is anything new happening at McMahon in Calgary??

All great ideas there in Edmonton to generate extra revenue and let fans experience the football game from a different perspective! Good on them! Wish other owners and CEOs in the league would open up there heads for things like this.


The Argos definitely have a venue in which has top Amenities in RC. The problem has been that they have been burried beneath MLSE and Rogers/Blue Jays promotion of pro sports in Toronto.
Shoule MLSE full buy the Argos of course that will change as they will be marketed right up there with the other MLSE sports.
MLSE and Rogers have had the power to make the Argos and the CFL insignifigant in downtown Toronto and will have the power to make them and the CFL signifigant again in downtown Toronto

I didn't want to mention names or anything but I realize the Argos had some of that offered which was all brought in by Keith pelley. I seen that numnuts rudge has done nothing to enhance or do anything else through out the years since the terrible ownership took over the team. Like having the 500 level sit completely empty with some little pathetic banners that you can't even see from the other two levels. Having the other end zone complete blocked off why not open it up to a patio setting or something of that nature.Why not fill some seats to groups and charity's across the Gta better then sitting empty during the season but I guess it's to much work to ask from numnuts rudges part.

I would never want to watch a game at field level from the endzone. can't see squat! it's terrible.

UGH. I agree. They did a great job with the schoolday pre season game two years back but did zero to follow up on it.
You got the kids to the game the next logical step would be to hit the GTA youth groups events etc. Speacking to directors, making appeareances that are well publisized and carrying a roll of tickets with them. plenty of give aways to go with a mobil Merchandise set up with the sale of mechandise. Family sale for that 500 level or endzone area. With the Concourse full of activities for the young fans and their families.

I agree it's not the greatest seat in the house but it is better then having it sit empty. Even just having a party zone for college kids or something like that would be better.

Yeah there is so much to do at skydome where you could do all that stuff. I hope the new management takes advantage for the next couple of years at the skydome to take advantage of all that stuff before they go to bmo field!


:thup: :thup: :rockin: I think cheapskate Braley would take a seat in the 500 level right next to the jumbo torn in the end zone could probably get the cheapest ticket if they sold them. If Numnuts rudge could have his own way he wouldn't even bother to drive to skydome for the games he would just sit his ass at home doing nothing because he is to lazy to do anything else.

I've watched games on field level in IWS in the concourse, it worked! Up about 15 feet in the endzone worked even better. It all works, the key is not to have to sit in a doughnut stadiium like the RC for a football game. That IS the key.

Got to love how a thread about the Eskimos improving Commonwealth turns into another Braley/Rudge bashing thread.................... and people wonder why I want the mods/admins to do something with this trollish moron.

Has Calgary made any kind of anouncements of doing something similar in the open End Zone space?
I am not sure how long Flames LP is going to allow fans to leave the stadium at half time but until they expand concession and washroom areas there really is no choice.
I still vote for an open food court area in the open end zone with enough washrooms to accomodate the crowd.
It will take an investment but could be well worth it for a better fan expereince.
A new Stadium/Arena comples could still be a decade away

Yes I would agree with that 100%! Calgary has a lot of corporations in the city that could have no problem to sell to especially when the hockey season is not on. Don't know why they have not done anything through out the years in the end zones and even the sidelines they have plenty of room to do that kind of stuff.

Sorry... I kind of encouraged it...
Anyways... getting back to Calgary and Alberta in general. It is concrete poof that the capitalist/royalty system does not work when the two oldest buildings in the NHL (Once the Islanders move to Brooklynn) will both be located in the province of Alberta and the two oldest stadiums (If you consider McGill as new)are also in Alberta. Alberta is apparently the richest place In Canada and Ft McMurray has the highest per person budget for any municipality in the entire world....The city budget this year was tabled at 1 billion dollars and there are about 100000 permant residences. Yet people get slaughtered on Highway 63 because the province only takes a 1% royalty and can't afford a working highway. Only 18% of the oil revenues generated in alberta end up staying in the province. Capilalism has horribly failed Alberta

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