edmonton needs a new oc, now

they are not allowing Reilly to be all he can be with their very conservative excessive high percentage low yardage passing game.

For next season, for Reilly, I want to see a 100% Reilly for scrambling and running ability, and a new oc that will put in more down field passing.

a lousy 298 yards on 30 completions is not acceptable.

WOW, if not for your logo, no one would guess that you were a Lions fan.
Guess the EE is your second team.

I am in Calgary, and also a Lions fan.

I would be more concerned with my own QB situation before anyone else's.
So careful what you wish for.

If I was to give anyone advice on their team , it would be to the Lions.

Get Drew Tate from Calgary during the off season.
Travis Lulay is done.

Nice. But Tate is done as well. AND I agree Edmonton's play calling needs improvement for sure. Also to all posters its okay to look and comment on other teams. That is what makes things interesting. Keep up the good work.

Reilly is my favorite QB since Flutie. I want him to look good and have good success. I wish he was still a lion

I agree. I was just wondering is all.

As for Tate, he is the best back up in the CFL. He has just had some bad luck with injuries.

BTW, Go Stamps Go - Go Cats Go - Go Lions Go - Go RedBlacks Go

You missed the other five teams in the league with your cheering. :roll:

You can't just have 1 favorite. You need 2. In my case 4.

BTW, I forgot to mention my 5th favorite team.

Anyone playing the Als.

Nothing wrong with a short passing game if you have a QB that is consitantly accurate. Reilly is not that, so to A point, I agree, that if he is your QB, it is the wrong offence. He needs big plays to be really successful. Good thing they have a great defence.

Better than Harris, Glenn, Smith, Jennings? Very dabatable. As for the injury thing, there is a reason he was nicknamed "papercut" when the Riders were grooming him for the Stamps for the first couple years.

Id take Harris, Jennings, Franklin, Glenn over Tate.