This will be a good one! i hope the ESKS win, boy i would love to see the ALS 1-2, this will also be the first test for Ray and the O-line. predictions?

mine: Edmonton 35 Montreal 24

Im sorry :oops: …My gut feeling tells me Edmonton is going to lose. For me, I dont see Montreal losing twice in a row in the beginning of the season(twice or trice in a row loss of Montreal usually occurs near the end of the season). The only way they will lose if its against my lions :wink: . But of course, Im still hoping that Edmonton can pull it off.

It was 30 someting montreal and ottawa somthin near 10 and its the 4th quarter. Lets face reality, the Als just laid back in the 4th quarter because they think they already won the game. I dont see them laying back against edmonton(even if its the fourth quarter)…

and its also in Montreal…

Yes but Edmonton IS 2-0 and can taste what a victory in Montreal would do for them. They are Hot and Hungry, it will be a great game.

Montreal going to kick Edmonton butt, they HAVE to after losing to Ottawa!

It’s go to see you again, ree, fellow Otaku! :wink:

I would think this is going to be a great early season test for both of these teams. A loss here would do Montreal more harm them Edmonton I think however. So since its early in the season I would have to think Montreal wins this one at home but are pushed to the limit by Edmonton. This is definetly the game of the week.

As much as I love seeing Montreal lose I stil hope that that the Eskimoes lose because it would be better for my Riders. I think this will be a great,exciting, and close game to watch. I really hope this happens after watching the Riders/Ti-cats game tonight. My God was that ever sloppy.

This will be the second game of the year, so far…we will find out who is for REAL.