Edmonton @ Montreal

With a win tonight, we can retake first place. Go Esks! :thup:

Beers are chilled and BBQ is going to be lit soon, gotta love Friday nite football. GO Eskimos!!! :cowboy:

Whatcha drinking? I have some Keith's in the fridge.

Red racer IPA it's a local craft beer.

I expect a little more offence from the Esks this game.

Wow. 108 pass yards over two games. Smith and Johnson both need to be released.

I like this Lawrence kid! :thup: 7-0.

34 for the Als just let him run right by up the field. Is that Kyries Hebert? Brutal.

Someone tell #35 that this isn't touch football. You actually have to tackle the person. That was one of the weakest tackles I've ever seen.

I bet Schultz is apologizing to Stegall. This game could very well be over after the first quarter. 10 points off two drives. 10-0.

ALS better tighten up the D or this one could get ugly real quick.

Stupid Watkins. There was no way Montreal would've made that gamble, and he gifts them with a first down because of a brutal tackle. :roll:

That dumb Watkins penalty has definitely changed the momentum. Could've been 17-1. Now we could be looking at 10-9.

Wake up Eskimos O

Are we trying to give this game away with stupid penalties? :x

Another dumb esks penalty on that Carter catch, no need to shove when he's already out of bounds. Dumb decision.

One thing about being aggressive another thing with a dirty hit when the guys out of bounds

Yup. Right now it's like watching two teams trying to give the game to the other. Edmonton's taking stupid unnecessary roughness penalties, and Montreal keeps stalling and settling for FGs.

Reilly should get an oscar for that performance.

Great run by Whyte. Let's get some of that momentum back. :thup: