Edmonton Media, full of themselves!

Wow, the Eskimos beat a team (the RiderS) who are just as bad as they are, with no offense and an aging defense...

And suddenly the Esks media think they've solved all their problems and are now destined to beat B.C. , like 1 game vs a crappy team is suddenly enough to fix all their issues!

give me a break, Edmonton media has always been so pathetic in being very unrealistic!

Just Cause the Eskimos beat up on a crappy Riders team, they aren't out of the woods just yet folks!

BEAT the LIONS first, then start talking...

:thdn: :roll:

Start talking even with Pierce starting? He's pretty good from what I've seen but no DD as of yet.

True, but he was good enough to come off the bench against Edmonton and beat them soundly.

I wouldn't state the case quite as vociferously as cflisthebest has, but I do feel that the Edmonton media are starting to resemble the Leafs media a lot: swooning with joy over the least victory, and shrieking in panic at the least defeat. Yes, they won an important game last week, but their problems aren't over by a long shot.

more propaganda from........ king hughieeeeee......knight jumps queen....wheres the p!ss boy....

Esks beat Riders.. Next, Grey Cup! pfffffftt.................


Uhhhh....We've already beaten the Lions.

Can't argue with the crappy Rider team comment though... It's like Winnipeg beating Toronto and Hamilton.

ya but that was before B.C. got on their big winning streak, different team now.

The Esks are just as much a different team now as the Lions are.

I think the Esks will take this one.

Hamilton may be a crappy team, but they still scored more points this year than your beloved Eskimos... And that's counting a game in which they scored 2 points, and another one in which they scored 0 !

i actually get this reference

I think the BC defence will shut down the struggling Edmonton offence enough for Pierce and the offence to take this game.

Unless Pierce has a terrible game and throws 4 picks plus a couple fumbles i don't think Edmonton stands a chance.


It's good to be the king

oh, and back to the cfl, go BC. riders need you to mop the floor with eskies


 Points for

Toronto 121 games played 8
Hamilton 134 9
Edmonton 139 8

I don't know where you're getting your facts from.

Hmmm... That's funny. Because I'm taking my stats on the official standing page of this very site:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=standings&func=view&user_year=2006&user_pre=N]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=stan ... user_pre=N[/url]

Oh, I get it. Your document shows the points scored by the OFFENCE of each team. The page I was looking at shows all the points scored by the whole team.

So Hamilton really outscored Edmonton.