Edmonton may be looking to get Masoli back.

TSN is reporting Matt Nichols is gone for the season with a torn ACL , do we have a wish list if one of our backups is desirable to them and if Austin wishes to deal ?

Tillman is rubbing his hands together, waiting to pounce all over this. The Eskies have a raw rook behind Reilly, so they are badly in need of a kid like Masoli, who has a little more experience. Good opportunity to fleece Hervey.

Why would he trade for Masoli when he can just sign Alex Brink?

Not too sure. They have Joseph, Harris & Crompton still there. KJ can has the experience to step in and evidently they're pleased with both Harris & Crompton. Not sure they'd be willing to part with much of value to bring in Masoli who they traded away for free. (rights to Rockhill for Wojt & Kanya for Lawrence means JM was thrown in for free)

But if they do want Jeremiah back ... I'd take Calvin McCarty to help with ratio? I always liked Matt Carter?

No way the Esks trade back for Masoli. They tossed him aside to you guys for a reason, they apparently don't think too highly of him. Additionally, Hervey has stated the Esks are trying to find a young pocket passer QB, something that Masoli is not. They still have Crompton, Harris, and KJ to burn through should Reilly get injured (knock on wood).

I'm sure Tillman would be happy to send Burris to Edmonton, but Steven Jyles isn't with the Esks anymore.