Edmonton Match

The team that I want the Leos to beat, each year, are the Eskimos even more than the Stampeders. I know we played Edmonton tough last year but this year they have Ricky Ray back and that makes the Edmonton game more intriguing.

I remember the first game Ricky Ray played against our Leos. Matt Dunigan was setting up the game and said "raw rookie Ricky Ray" will be in tough against the future Hall of Famer Damon Allan. Well, Allan played lousy and "raw rookie Ricky Ray" kicked our butts.

However Ricky Ray will be playing a different Leos team that the one that he played against in his previous stint with Edmonton. The Leos have more weapons on offence and a much improved defence. But that doesn't mean Edmonton won't be tough. Ray has an excellent recieving corps and their punt returner leads the league at present. The Eskimos also upgraded this year with the signings of Kelly Wiltshire, Joe Monford, Scott, and Davis Sanchez (who is dealing with a pulled hamstring at present)

The Leos offence finally has the variety of plays (running game-misdirection, counters, sweeps, off tackle traps) and passing game(screens, dumps, hitch screens, short, intermediate, and long throws) to keep Edmonton's defence off balance.

Looking for your thoughts on the game!!

Well I do believe Edmonton will win. Can't say why in particular really, but the law of averages says BC loses sooner or later and BC has yet to face an offense like Edmonton. They almost lost to Burris until he ran out of gas in the fourth quarter, so with Ray and Edmonton's dynamite receivers I'd say this will be a good game indeed. I think it will be an offensive game. We'll see if Dickenson can keep up the pace he left off, but again this is Edmonton with Ricky Ray he is going up against.

i dont think that deadmonton has a chance vs us... they need a lesson taught as well, and i think since fridays game, the o line actually proved something to the stampeders, and to the fans that they are a great line... theres no stopping them, and knowing that DD can run and throw the ball b4 getting sacked that he can make those great passes without hesitation, that indeed, all it takes is a little bit of momentum, and the lions have it. they arent goin to be cocky, they are takin this season one game at a time leave the numbers in the past. for all you leo fans, all it takes is a lil bit of faith KNOWING that we can trust our O line in moving the ball forward, and for our D line to show up on the line and block them, or to do their job. i dont believe in looking at the numbers, if you look at numbers what does it prove? its all the past. sur burris had a great game vs the riders. why couldnt he pull the same thing against the leos? i believe that our D line is truely the best in the league, it sure as hell showed friday night. and that our O line is getting better.

like honestly, esks nearly lost to HAMILTON they only won by a few points. even hamilton is getting better game by game.

wow lions fan you are stupid, how mnay points did you lose to hamilton by ? , are u stoned again?

I believe the Lions and the Eskimos are the two most talented teams in the league. Saskatchewan also has a lot of talent and Calgary is going to continue to get better. Toronto's defence always gives the Argos a chance to win. However it looks like the strength is in the West.

Our Leos go into the Edmonton game with momentum and we're playing at home. We've also made the changes needed to make our offence explosive.
It'll be a tough game but I'm giving the definite edge to our Lions.

i know this is gonna be a tough match up, but hey, we beat toronto twice didnt we?? and they were the grey cup champs! edmonton stands a good chance, but i think that we can comfortably say that we'll 6-0 by sat. am

PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE.... While we may have good bud out here in BC... it can never compare to the crack you've apparently been smoking.... the Lions are 5 - 0... undefeated... and in case your cracked out mind doesn't understand the word undefeated... it means we HAVEN'T LOST.... we BEAT Hamilton by 6..... so it looks like you're the only stupid one in this tread...

And to lionsfan12.... although Edmonton nearly lost to Hamilton... so did we... the week before Edmonton did... both Edm. and BC won by 6 points.

Now for my thoughts on the upcoming game... i think BC will win by 7 or so.. it'll be a good tight game the whole way... at QB i give a slight edge to Dave over Ricky... due to his amazing completion percent... high TD% and very low INT% all those combining to give him a great efficiency rating (almost a full 20 points higher than Ray)

at recievers.... it's a tie.. both have great recivers... while the Edm. fans will say they have better recievers simply by the number of yards they have... they fail to take into account the fact that Ricky Ray has thrown almost 75 more passes that Dickenson has... and based on Ray's 65% completion rate thats about 50 completions more than he would have if he had thrown the same amount of passes as Dickenson... so recivers yards are a misleading stat...

And the subject of Ray's many pass attempts brings me to what i think will be the difference in this game... Ray HAS to throw so many passes because a lack of a good running game... which BC has no problem with... Where Dave and Ricky will probably throw very comparable numbers... our running game will tilt the offencive numbers in our favour.

Oh... one more thing... all those Esks fans saying "you haven't faced an offence like ours yet"... yes we have.. we have played Toronto twice..(with 1 of the top 3 QB's in the league)....who have you gone up against?.. you've faced Hamilton twice... Winnipeg twice... (BOTH with Tee Martin running their offence... and we all know how much he sucked)... Ottawa... and Montreal... and of all those teams Montreal has the best offence (and even their offence isn't as good as the Lions offence).... and you lost that game.... and "we have the best defence in the leauge".... again... you got 2 easy games against Tee and the bombers to pad the defensive sats.

sorry... i know it was long winded... but i've been away for a little over a week now... so this rant is making up for the ones i couldn't post.. :lol:

Very well put chronic guy. A point not considered by Esk fans is that Dickensons stats came against tougher opposition. Esks have had an easy schedule. Let's see how they do against Argos. But we'll see friday how they do against us. Should be a good one . If DD plays as well as he did last Friday, we should get the W.

yeah, the lions will win! our defence is getting stronger everygame...and we beat great offencive teams, and if DD is playing well...then it should be no problem!!!

Anything less then a blow out will not pleases me. Kick Schmoe butt!

With Sanchez and Frank out, the Leos will win .

Done n Done.
With the way the boys are playing... The eskimos are going to need a miracle to even come close in points.

well the lions wont be 5-0 for long after they play the best in the west the eskimos i think this will be a close game but the lions will definatly lose. edmonton is just a power house
go esks

if by powerhouse you mean overrated talentless pansies, then let the electricity flow!!!

Lions by 10

w/e homo, you will see

wow... takes a real high IQ to spit that one out eh?