Edmonton looks beatable...

SOMEBODY had to start this thread...

Seriously though - if we can get consistant pressure on Ray, and have good, tight coverage on the receivers, this game is winnable.

We have to forcer him out of the pocket, hurry him, get in his face, and cause turnovers. AB3 SHOULD be more aquainted with the play book, and I'm sure Coach Bellefeuille et al have a few headaches planned for the Esks...

yea we have to get to Ray quickly, if we dont, he'll pick us apart.

I'm confident that we can limit Whitlock and McCarty.

Special Teams cover unit better bring their A-game, going up against a great returner in Tristan Jackson. i think that we can contain him though, except for that one return by George last week (c'mon ike brown) our Cover team has been great. :thup:

The Eskimos traditionally don't play very well when visiting Ivor Wynne. I expect the tradition to continue and am fully expecting a victory.

I actually believe the game will turn on offense. Edmonton’s defense is vulnerable and the Cats need to run up a high score because I believe Edmonton will score at least 28 points even if the defense plays well

That Jackson scares me have to admit, the guy can flat out fly. But yes, our downfield coverage has been great so let's hope it stays that way.

But Tristan Jackson isn't the only one you guys have to worry about. Whitlock is coming along nicely. He returned 3 kicks for 131 yards, including a 65-yarder. So you guys will have to contain both.

But whatever happens, I expect a close score. These two teams usually play a tight game.

Agreed...though I haven't thought Ray has looked as sharp as he has in the past. They had a brutally slow start against the Riders -- only pull of a helluva victory...so, I'm thinking if we can get on them early, and stay on them (pressure wise) we'll be right in it.

How does their D stack up agains the run? Will Cobb be able to pound through these guys?

Edmonton has a top 3 run Defence, they’ve got Dario Romero and Eric Taylor (who’s 309 lbs) clogging up the middle of the Defensive line, Greg Peach and Kai Ellis on the ends, and of course there’s Mo Lloyd, Kitwana Jones, T.J Hill.
Cobb will have his work cut out for him.

Their secondary looks a little suspect though.

The TiCats have a fair bit of talent all over on offence right now, difficult for teams to cheat on and key on just one individual.

The thing with Ricky Ray is to let him nickel and dime you but don't give away the big play over the top to say Mann or Stamps. I think the Eskies defence is still suspect. Hopefully Porter or maybe Glenn can have some success. You can't rely on Cobbs having 150 yards rushing every game.

This will be a hard fought game, for a full sixty minutes...
However, I don't think the score is going to be that close.
I see the Cats...really exploding in this game, and scoring big-time.
Another game...that ( scoring wise ), will be more or less, over by the start of the 4th.
Cats will win this one by 17 to 24 points.


We got beat by Montreal and Edmonton blew out Montreal.....................so I can't see how Edmonton is beatable.

we also beat B.C twice and Edmonton got trampled by B.C...

Plus Montreal trampeled Edmonton on their first go around, on our first go around we held them to 21 points.

Edmonton looked more beatable 3 weeks ago.

But yeah, still beatable.