@ Edmonton - June 22nd

5 changes on the depth chart:

  • Breaux starts ahead of Rolle
  • Toliver starts outside
  • Vaughn & McGough exchange places (Vaughn active /McGough to the 1-Game)
  • Golding is activated from the 1-Game
  • Doll replaces Malcolm

John Green and Randall Evans (a reserve last week) go to the PR, and Wilkerson & Malcolm released.

Both Reserves will be Nationals

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June Jones says that Johnny should be playing in NFL. He would still be there if he didn't mess up off the field. He has the talent. Masoli probably could too if he remained consistant, as well as other CFL quarterbacks go to NFL. Kinda surprised the top ones (CFL) are not in NFL.

I really enjoy Marshall Ferguson's take on the Ti-cats. But I would have to disagree with him, so far as to the Ti-cats offense is "potent"! Really..... we scored 14 points last week. Definitely not potent!!!!!

We will see how it works out.

Masoli was in camp with the 49ers in 2012, but was released. The NFL is too stuck on ideal player size, and with Masoli being 5'10" his chances were low of ever getting a fair shot.

Doug Flutie played pretty well with the Patriots back in the late 80's, but they still released him. He came to the CFL in 1990 because as talented as he was he couldn't get a fair shot in the NFL. Flutie is 5'9 and 3/4"

The NFL is like a Clydesdale horse with blinders on when it comes to player evaluation. Some short guys get breaks, but not QB's - other than maybe Brees and Wilson.

The CFL has always been home to undersized yet very talented American players.

Doug Flutie must have grown since I met him...I'm short @ a bit over 5'8'' & we were the same height....now Darren was taller...likely 5'10'' or more...but the natural talent came to the surface with those two...both amazing!!

Severe Thunderstorm Watch in Edmonton today.

"Conditions are favourable for the development of dangerous thunderstorms that may be capable of producing strong wind gusts, large hail and torrential rain.

Thunderstorms will continue over parts of northern, central and southern Alberta through the day and into the evening. These thunderstorms will be slow moving with the main threat being localized accumulations of 50 mm of rain in one hour or less. Marginally severe hail and strong wind gusts are also possible with these storms."

Below map is "for entertainment purposes only":

And during the one of the lightning delays of the Winnipeg game last week, Ken Lazaruk (game supervisor that night) said the guideline is that if there's a lightning strike within 17km of the stadium, they interrupt the game (the league has a Chief Meteorologist working each game).

The image below shows approximately what a 17km radius around Commonwealth Stadium would cover:

And FYI, here's roughly a 17km radius around THF:

Well the offense woke up and did great! Maybe not "potent" like Marshall said. But I was wrong and the offense produced.