Edmonton Journal: Guillory a TiCat

At the very bottom of the article:

[url=http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/Eskimos+sign+Lone+Star+standouts/1348157/story.html]http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/E ... story.html[/url]

"POINT AFTER: Hamilton has agreed to a two-year plus an option deal with former Eskimos defensive lineman Brandon Guillory, who had six sacks for the Green and Gold last season. Guillory is expected to start with the Ticats next season."

Awesome news if the report is true. If we get both him and Mace, our D-line will be shaping up nicely.

Maybe now we can Mace the opposition. :smiley:

Thanks for the link gargoyle Great news if this is true,I had heard that the nfl was in store for Guillory but it would be great to have him here.The weakest part of the team being revamped which has to help our dbs & linebackers.


Drew Edwards says the deal isn't done yet.

Now Edwards is reporting that Guillory is officially signed:


Good signing. Hopefully Obie can bring a few more pieces into camp to improve the pass rush.

if you guys do land corey mace... beside adams, that will be a pretty decent interior

tom canada and devon claybrooks are also still available

the reason tom had an off year last year wasbecause he had mono(which causes enlarged spleens), i was really hoping to see him back to compete this season

Guillory would be a nice addition, but let's not get too excited about Mace until he is in training camp and delivers between the stripes.

Our d-line problems are far from over just because we added a so so pass rusher, and just because Mace was on an nfl practice roster doesnt mean he's going to come in and dominate.

Way to look on the bright site.

The also might be terrific.

For sure the position is still a huge question mark on our defense. Guillory's 6 sacks aren't exactly a blockbuster season. Having said that, I don't think many of our players had many more than that last season -- it's still an upgrade.

One of Obie's finds better be legit, otherwise this defense might suffer similar problems to last season.

Here's hoping.


You know how the pyramids were built? Brick by brick.

Don't forget, we have a new defensive coordinator this season, so the problem could have been partially schematic as well. We all know Denny Creehan didn't tailor his defense to the skill set of the roster. cough Zeke Moreno cough

So you may see a marked improvement under Greg Marshall without a huge change in the personnel.

Just throwing it out there.

  • paul

Do the math.
In only his second pro year 6 sacks (the team lead) in 10 reg. season games and 3 sacks in EDM's two playoff games (vs. two great O-lines) plus his age and , as mentioned, a proven coach like Marshall adds up to a little more than "so-so".

So if the Ticats sign Guillory, it appears to be essentially a trade of Lumsden for Guillory.

Or was there some sort of gentleman's agreement ?

I wonder if the Esks offered that trade last fall to the Ticats.

And, if we had made that trade last fall, how would fans here reacted - those who thought JL was injury-prone and not worth keeping, or those who thought we should do everything possible to re-sign him?

Free agents are not traded

Word was out that Brandon might be going to the NFL, too.


Brandon Guillory.

The import defensive end is reportedly being pursued by the Washington Redskins.

Guillory led all Eskimos in sacks (six) in 11 regular-season games last season.

Signed as a free agent with Edmonton on September 26, 2006,
the New Orleans native has nine sacks in 14 career CFL games.


He was paid similar to what Nautyn Mc Kay-Loesser
was being paid. [$115,000]. I suspect he is healthier.

Good link, but the article is dated Feb 6th.

The 900 CHML website has a similar report on the apparent signing of Brandon Guillory by the Ticats:

[url=http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/NewsLocalGeneral/Story.aspx?ID=1068031]http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/New ... ID=1068031[/url]