Edmonton Journal Article: Setta Expected To Try NFL

Here is a link to an article by Vicki Hall of the Edmonton Journal posted on the cfl.ca website today. A sentence part way through the article indicates that Nick Setta is expected to look to sign with an NFL team in the off-season:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=21173]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=21173[/url]

Its not unusual for Americans to try and make the NFL in their option year when they have had a good year. Had Lumsden not injured himself. I think you would see him to the same.

Ain't gonna happen.

IMO, he's had enough of the NFL merry-go-round.

2006: Nick played in three games for the Buffalo Bills
averaging 43 yards on seven punts.

released: August 28th

He played in the last six games that spring in NFL Europe
connecting on nine of 12 field goal attempts
and nine of 10 extra point attempts for 36 points.

{ I would think he was frustrated
kicking that well and being released. ]

2005: Signed by the Chicago Bears on January 3rd…
was placed on waivers by Chicago on June 9th

June 14th, claimed by the Cleveland Browns …
was released by the Browns on July 21st

He had played with the Rhein Fire
during the spring after

Chicago allocated him
to NFL Europe Feb. 14th…

He played in all 10 games for Rhein
during the regular season…

He was 13 of 18 field goal attempts
including a long of 48 yards

and he was perfect on all
22 extra point attempts

2004:The New Orleans Saints signed Setta
as an un-drafted free-agent on May 13th…

He attended the Saints training camp
and was released on August 8th…

August 19th, he signed as a free-agent
with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He attended the Buccaneers training camp
and played in two games during the pre-season…

He was released by Tampa Bay on August 30th.

I may be wrong but you folks get the picture.

Despite being kicked in the teeth a few times by NFL teams, if he gets another chance to make a NFL roster, he'd be crazy not to try. What he could make in one year in the US is just about what he'd make over his entire CFL career.

I hope he stays and I hope the team moves quickly to sign him to a longer deal.

An Argo-Cat fan

Exactly. He would be insane to ignore the huge difference in salary. Hope he stays. With him, at least the kicking game has shown a HUGE improvement from seasons past.

Last I heard, CFL players no longer have the possibility of signing with an NFL team during their CFL option year. That was only possible through a special deal between the leagues that has not been renewed. Unless I've missed something, Setta is stuck here for at least the next season.

This is posturing by the CFL over some issues
that head office isn't completely happy with.

Apparently, these issues will be resolved
and the escape clause will be re-instituted.

He would be foolish to not try the NFL.
Look at the bucks Vanderjagt and Lawrence Tynes have made.
We all know the Cats will take him back if things do not work out.
The career of a kicker is nomadic.
Go where there is a need.
It is not like he has to blend in with a tight unit.
See ball kick ball!

Losing Nick would set Us Back a Ton.
This why We need GM In Place Fast.
We have Players to Resign.
Armor and Nick are just two.

I was under the impression that Nick is still under contract and would not be eligible to try the NFL until after next season. If I am wrong please let me know.

Rftt wrote-This is posturing by the CFL over some issues
that head office isn't completely happy with.

Apparently, these issues will be resolved
and the escape clause will be re-instituted.-------- And what are the issues??? Taking CFl developed starters and relegating them to 4th string status? could be one? or the constant emcroachment into Southern Ontario, could be another, but im just speculating, - do you know what the issues are Ronftt? :stuck_out_tongue:

Who could blame him?? I wish him the best of luck if he does try. Can't blame the guy for going where the $$$ is.

It is also my understanding that Setta (and for that fact Moreno) is not in his option year.

They both signed 2 + 1 contracts, making them our property until February of '09.

And don't forget that the NFL pays its players in US dollars, which by the start of next years football season will be worth about 40 cents