It's all over!!!!

Yea Its over for Montreal. It was a great game and Montreal played well but not good enough to beat the Eskies.

well thats it for the trolling stephan guy,lololol, like i said all talk no action boy, you know you can't beat the mighty eskies, no bow down to your masters little one.....p.s. this guy probably won't even hold up his end of the bet...

Even if Montreal won buddy your still a nerd.

But as it stands Montreal didnt even win so now your a loser and a nerd.

Eat Crow Mandel....where are ya now with your garantee's....ESKIES GREY CUP CHAMPS 2005


StephanMAndel AKA RalphKlein and any other name that you decided to troll under, where are you now buddy. I hope your not waiting for the parade in Montreal to start any time soon

the parade start yet stephanie????????????????

Your wasting your time.
That bozo will never come back.

For a guy that spent that much time and effort dissing the Esks and posting it in different forums, you can be rest assured that he will be looking at what we write about him and his Montreal Al’s…we will not go unnoticed!!!

Congratulations Edmonton Eskimos…well done…See ya at Edmonton Centre tomorrow

StephenMandel this guy is a waste and has come up with nothing other than false hopes for each ban wagon he has jumped on.congrats to the Eskies!!!

You hit the nail on the head, bikerjake. That absolute pathetic LOSER StephenMandel is reading every one of these posts. You can count on it. But tiny little trolls that try and make themselves sound big and important with rediculous "guarantees", only to be humiliated when proven wrong, seldom have the balls to live up to their big mouth and reply afterwards. They just shrink into the shadows like the cowardly jackasses with no lives that they are. Perhaps his mouth is so full of crow that he cannot get any words out.

StephenMandel... I have a message for you, and I know you are reading this. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, YOU PATHETIC SIMPLETON LOSER. You have made all of us Eskie fans laugh. It was never in doubt that THE MIGHTY EDMONTON ESKIMOS would win their 13th Grey Cup, but having a little twit such as yourself talk like a tough guy, and now have to shut the hell up makes it that much more satisfying. Your purpose has been served, StephenMandel. Now keep your cake hole shut like the good little boy you are, and bow down to your masters, the 2005 Grey Cup Champion, Edmonton Eskimos.

Anymore "guarantees" you'd like to make, little man???.... Didn't think so.

.....what makes me laugh is for such a little bit of effort he sure got all your shorts tied in a knot........ :lol: .........

Doesn’t surprise me that this reply would come from a Stamps fan. Calgary SUCKS, and now you know it. The lowly stamps were nothing more than a little stepping stone for The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos, on their way to their 13th Grey Cup.

My shorts aren’t in a knot, little boy. I just enjoy rubbing it in, when cocky little brats like StephenMandel have their asses handed to them, and shut the hell up, like the pathetic losers they are.

What makes me laugh is that StephenMendel has officialy been heralded as a "hero" by certain fans of certain teams who would rather go over their endzone dances in practice than actually practice catching footballs. Great minds thinking alike?

I thought StephenMandel was funny.

Unintentionally funny, but entertaining nonetheless.

i think he should hookup with turkeybend, theyd go well together

...... :lol: ...pretty lame there boony, let's see here now, the stamps and esks split the series 2-2 this year, the stamps outscored the EEs 108 to 92 in the four games and stole home field advantage for the western semi, a nice little bit o' pocket change for our future FA signings next year..........don't know what your definition of SUCKS is, must be a pretty uniltateral one, can't deny though that the EEs won when they needed to and went all the way (That's 'cause I don't dis a good team and good fans, just the dumb fans that don't have much of an IQ, I'm cruel that way, oh well)........anyway, have a nice winter!!!!......... :lol: .......

.......course he was, he just wanted to stir up a hornets nest, good EE fans like yourself there Jebus could see that right away, the intellectually challenged folk from your town like boondock couldn't grasp the concept and like lemmings took it personally.......

As any idiot could figure out, no Eskimo fan on this forum was taking StephenMandel's moronic "guarantees" personally. Eskimo fans are classier than that. We let our team do the talking. However, when a jackass such as that trash talks endlessly on another teams forum, it is very satisfactory to put him in his place, and watch him shut the hell up like a good little boy. There was nothing "personal" about it. It's really quite a simple concept; sorry if it was over your head, RedandWhite. Let me know what part of this explanation you don't understand, and I'll explain it again, using smaller words. Just for you.

As a side note, there appears to be somebody in the stumps forum that is wanting to "stir up the hornets nest". Most stumps fans have an IQ above 10, and could figure this out. However, there seems to be a couple of stump fan morons that can't quite grasp this concept, and are taking it personally. I guess being an idiot and being a hypocrite go hand in hand for you, eh RedandWhite?

Enjoy the offseason, little buddy.