Edmonton is the team to beat!!!

As much as I love my Argos.I think Eskies are the best team hands down.
The only team that will make a challenge in the west will be B.C.
In the east everyone knows it will be either Montreal or Toronto.
Edmonton is just to powerful.
Hervey,Mitchell,Mother tucker,Montford.The list goes on and on.
For all you rider fans,better luck next year!!!!!!

I have to agree Saskargo, The only ingredient missing from Edmonton's arsenal is a running back. I picked BC over Edmonton in an earlier post, but I also noted that the two would be neck & neck and that injuries could determine who would finish first. I couldn't beleive all the people that picked Edmonton for third or even forth. The Eskies upgraded their defense in Pass rush (Mountford), Secondary (Wiltshire, Sanchez). I'm really looking forward to seeing them play BC. Have my tickets already for that game in a few weeks.

If that game turns out as good and entertaining as I expect it would, then I might even talk the wife into a road trip to Commonwealth for the re-match.

I agree but i still think bc is over rated and it will be the Riders to beat, i know they are 3-0, but toronto doesnt look like the same team they were at the end of last year and they beat a good gades team but gave up 5 sacks to one player, gesh, they were on there heels much of the game.


In fact, "the team to beat" isn't Edmonton. It really is Winnipeg.

Why? Because everyone can handle to lose a game to a strong team such as the Esks, but no one wants to fail when facing the winless and planless team of the league.

Who forgot that the Riders were the only one to fall to the 1-17 Ticats in 2003? Who remember who was beaten by Grey Cup winners Eskimos on that same regular season? ....


thats ridiculas.

Sorry kirsten... but really... do you think Daley is showing any sign of heading into the right direction?...

saskargo, as much as you hate the Riders, I don't think they should be written off just yet. I agree that Edmonton is a good team and they are better than last year. B.C. is also solid. I actually think that B.C. and Sask are very similar in terms of talent. Of course BC is better at QB, but I think Sask makes up for that with a better running game and a slightly better defence overall. Edmonton has a great defence and awesome passing game, but no running attack to compliment. I believe that when any of these three teams play eachother it will be a crap-shoot as to who will come out on top. Injuries that pop up in the second half of the season could play a big factor as to how the three finish in the West (and no I am not already making excuses for the Riders due to their injuries). I am looking forward to seeing how things play out in the next few weeks.

BC Overated? The only areas of concern has been the offensive line (Which did better against Toronto) and Dante Marsh on the DB's. I expect BC and Edmonton wire to wire.

Riders have 2 great running backs.I give them credit where it is due.However everyone else on that team compared to B.C. players,and Edmonton playeres are a joke.
Running game for riders is probably the best in the league right now.The thing is,CFL is all about passing.That is why The CFL is way better than the NFL.

Saskargo, I'd take Sask o-line over BC's or Edmonton's any time.

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We just need to wait until Sept. 18 when the esks go to Taylor Field. Then we will see what happens.

Ha ha, wishful thinking . No doubt the EE are pretty good, but after seeing them play Winnipeg and not lookin real good against Ottawa I would wait to see them play better teams before getting too cocky. The Rens were not playing very well at all yesterday, lot's of way off the mark passes and no field goal kicker. Otherwise it could have been a different outcome.
Toronto is alot better a team than the ones the Esks have beaten so far. Ricky Ray doesn't look like no world beater either .
The only reasom Toronto didn't look as good so far is because they played the Lions twice , otherwise they'll be about the same as last year. They've beaten their other opponents including the Riders , which is more than you can say about the Esks.
The Lions are a better team than they were last year.This year DD is healthy from the start and is the #1 rated passer. The defence is much improved with a real pass rush .So far they haven't played no where near their best and it's still good enough to win.

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Just wait until September 29.That is when the Argos go to Regina and destroy those guys again.

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back to the post - Edmonton is NOT the team to beat. They barely won the past 2 games over Ott and Bombers. How pathetic. The Lions are the team to beat. GO LION's (my 3rd fave team)