Edmonton is it

Well, looks like we're playing the Eskies next Sunday. Jason Maas won that game for them...maybe we'll be lucky and the Eskie coach will put Ricky Ray in again...than we should win.


No we will win no matter what

Wow. I'm stunned. I really am. But any team that gives up the ball, like what, 6-7 times, you can't expect to win. Fleming's hot too. Look out, Leos the Eskies can kick, run and now pass. Number 97, you are up! Shoot em up n' shut em down, baby! Defence wins championships! Bring it on and BRING :evil: NOISE!!!!!!

This should be another great one - Edmonton and BC match up very well.

All their games come right down to the wire.

Im excited for the west final. I can't wait. Good luck Lions.

Bring it on Esks , we're waiting for ya. Looking forward to next week.

Well, the Esks beat us 2 of 3 this season but the 2 wins for the Esks were at Commonwealth so let's see how it goes under the dome.

This will be a good game.

And even if Lions win I wouldn't care so much because they have quite a bit of class (unlike that Nik Lewis idiot on Calgary).

And I'd rather see the Lions win the Grey Cup than Montreal or Toronto.

I'd rather see anyone win the GC than Toronto.

I'm glad Edmonton is comming to the West Final,Beat Edmonton and we deserve to be at the Cup Game.Really Deserve It....ROAR LIONS ROAR

You are absolutely right Eskjebus. This will be a great matchup. I hope it goes into overtime! Both clubs match up well. Both are Jekyl and Hyde as thev'e had their highs and lows throughout the season. Both have QB controversies? My son has the tickets so I can't wait for Sunday!