Edmonton Injury Report: Sept. 8

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OUCH! Not what the gang of Elk wanted to hear. Sorry guys, Labour Day is over

I'm a Stampeder Fan for over 50 some years. I've been dissappointed in the past. I Assume you are referring to Mitchell being back at full practise. I don't think our problem was the QB. It was the DBs coverage and our receivers dropping passes they should have caught. It was also stupid penalties. All that can be improved if the team were to play football. However we didn't have many deep threats when playing the Elks. Dickenson played it safer with Maier.

With C-19 so deadly I was surprised that the Elks could dress a team never mind win the game.

This Alberta re-match was my toughest pick this week. Hopefully star quarterback BLM is starting in Week 6. I initially picked my Elks, but I decided to give the Stamps one last shot at redemption. The Stamps had lost their first 4 games by a combined 5 points, until last weeks blowout. :heart_eyes: :green_heart: :wc: :football: Colin_Kelly