Edmonton injury cost 2017. Terry Jones

It has become the first $1-million injury season in Canadian Football League history.
The so-called butcher bill for the Edmonton Eskimos with two regular season games remaining has hit a staggering $1,080,000.
“Our normal budget for injury costs is $500,000, and we are tracking $580,000 over that amount,? Eskimos president and chief executive officer Len Rhodes revealed on Monday to your correspondent.
“The total number of Edmonton games lost to injury reserve is now at 296 and projected to be 346 by the season’s end,? CFL statistician Steve Daniel said as he updated the numbers for your agent Monday. “That would be the second-highest in CFL history after the Roughriders’ 355 man-game lost in 2016.?
Let’s say it ends up at 366. That means 366 game-day salaries you wouldn’t have to pay if a team didn’t have a single injury. CFL teams pay per game. If you make $180,000, that’s $10,000 per game.

Last year’s Saskatchewan total was generally regarded as being bogus as general manager and head coach Chris Jones went through a 5-13 regular season like one giant tryout camp.
In August alone last year, the league fined the Riders $60,000 for roster violations, and hit the team and Jones for another $36,500 in the off-season. Even with that, the Eskimos have a shot at breaking that record, not that it’s a goal or anything.
There is also now a new rule for the last three weeks of the season where you can not place a player on the six-game without having their salary count against the cap. The rule was created to prevent a team already out of the playoffs to create space to play and get a good look at new players. Now who would do that?

I don't recall the number at the moment...but the 2008 Riders had set a man-game lost record.

Seems most teams are seeing dramatic increases the past few years...both NFL and CFL. I know the CFL is more prone to have a few "hidden" on an IRL but the numbers are still for the most part real.

Is that for real? Is the league really worried that the MTLs and HAMs of the world are going to gain so much advantage by playing a few practice roster guys that we'll affect the competitive chances of the CALs and EDMs of the world?

Actually I agree. But it is a rule Today. However you could be in first place and putting players on injury list to tryout NFL cuts or any player. It's not about last place teams but teams with more slush money. Not sure what that green team name was.
Right now and over the past few years the west is averaging 8,000
more per game then the east with there tiny stadiums. That equals disaster.
Sort of how the New York Yankees do business. Check out MLB salary caps.

Another big issue. Can you imagine the drop in attendance around the league
if Halifax was in the league. Love halifax But.

It's been around for a fair while...it is far from new