Edmonton @ Hamilton

Go Esks! I picked Hamilton, but I'll gladly accept an incorrect pick. :smiley:

Nice to have Peterson back. I'd like to eventually see Stamps, Peterson, and Talbot become the starting core and see Campbell traded for a pick.

Decent series for the Esks. Special teams kind of dropped the ball...

Totally undressed #35. That's awesome... :roll:

Am I seriously the only Edmonton fan on tonight? :lol:

Nope, nice drive by Hamilton as D. Cobb scores the games opening TD. 7-0 Ti-Cats

Our defence looks a little lost. It's like guys aren't paying attention to what's going on.

Awesome. We give up the safety so Prefontaine can make a &$%@#% kick. :roll:

Eskie Defense lost; Likely some truth to that Chief, but I think Hamilton wants to take it to em. So far they are doing just that.

Far more issues than on defence: number of rushing yards by our Eskies in the first quarter? ZERO! :roll:

By the way the CFL Live! feature blows again as it is showing the wrong score again ...worthless piece of crap let's get maybe Jett on it?

Crappy Hamilton kick too, and we can't even take advantage of that ... now I am thinking again about trying out for punter. :stuck_out_tongue:

LIve play; Prefontaine concedes a single. STRANGE indeed Paolo X

Ah screw it let's give them another safety :roll:

What a douche that Cuthbert or homer either way -- not even close anyway not blind like you could see that was offside.

The pylon is part of the goal line and goal area in CFL ball too eh? If so correct call -- single.

UPDATE: Ah never mind it never hit it for that play, but otherwise?

Got talking about Summer and forgot about the game... happens more than I'd like to admit. :lol:

All right, 10 minutes left, down 10-0. Let's get a frakkin TD!!!

Punt crossed the plane just to the left of the pylon and bounced back. Not often that happens I suppose.

Well you did not miss much welcome back Chief ...we just played our best defencive series to hold them to a single just barely ...any pictures of this Summer I still don't know who you are talking about?

Damnit if only we had still Arkee Whitlock :cry:

How many guys are we going to try out at RB? :lol: And I hope the bad luck doesn't start back up with that pick... :?

That one goes on Stamps :frowning: at least Ray has time to throw nowadays notwithstanding that big hit he took because no one was open on a prior play.

With the sloppy routes run and drops and lack of hands by our receivers this half, it is a great thing I don't have a big screen TV here or am too lazy to kick some walls. :x