Edmonton - Hamilton

Edmonton was just as desperate as we were going into the season.

What are they doing differently?

The thing that I notice most is that their receivers get separation and catch the tough ones better.

Completely different situation. Perhaps the best QB in the league, Veteran receivers, Veteran coaching staff. Overall Veteran team.

The sense of urgency and impending doom in Hamilton is more pronounced and I believe it's hurting the team.....that's the difference in my opinion.

I was going to write a post on that later on but I may as well speak up now.

At 9-31 in 2005, 2006 and 2007 collectively, I believe the focus should be on rebuilding slowly this year and perhaps ending up with a good nucleus by years end instead of pulling out the stops to just "win the next game"....the results of the 'urgency' are showing and it's not a good thing...

My vote of confidence goes to GM Desjardins, the scouting staff and Coach Taaffe right now......they need to relax and just plough ahead with their plan and not be so concerned about the 'today'......and if anyone is making Marcel or Charlie feel like their jobs are on the line anytime soon, shame on them and maybe they are a part of the problem.

.....I'm not about to throw myself off the Skyway Bridge if we suffer more losses and I hope other fans keep things in perspective too....

Losing really bites without a doubt, but if we want to get back to consistently winning, it's going to take time...

Stay the course Ticats!......you'll get there!