Edmonton @ Hamilton 2023 PBP Thread

Wynn is back, so if he’s on rotation at DT with Laurant and Sayles, then at least the middle of the D-line should be able to keep things blocked-up.

Hopefully the thunderstorms hold off…

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If the weather will be as bad as predicted then I don’t expect much of a passing game tonight.

Thurman did an admirable job containing Crum in the Ottawa game and I expect he will be assigned to “spy” Ford like a cheetah on a gazelle.

If the Cats keep Ford in the pocket, limit turnovers in the wet weather and avoid stupid penalties, then I think we got this in the bag.


Hopefully , as long as it’s not a wet paper bag that is .

I expect this to be about as ugly a game as we have seen this year in the CFL…

Both these teams are pretty awful…


Ugly weather or not, I’m on my way down to THF to watch this. Got my rain jacket. Hopefully a win.



yabba dabba doo!

should be an excellent night in the Hammer!

edit: well, I’ve take out the rain gear (normally only meant for fishing). That should remove any chance of it actually raining now :slight_smile:

There is NOBODY at THF. Fans looked at the weather and the team and said no thanks.

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In my seat. Actually skies not looking that bad. But it’s supposed to come
later on.

hopefully we are far enough ahead by then,and the weather wont come into play . Enjoy

That would be nice.

hit ford hard and often

It’s a bit thinner in the stands but not that much different than normal.

We need to rag doll Ford like we did Crum.

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the ball hit the ground and Elliot still looking for the ball

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Hoping for the DPI call? Not a bad assumption, knowing CFL officials.

that sucks, need to score when the opportunity presents it self.

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apparently I have to type a complete frickin’ sentence on this crappy system

elks are moving the ball to easy.

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That’s Condell’s fault, according to this site.

Can’t blame Washington, nope, not allowed…