Edmonton Game

It looks like Richardson & Deslauriers will be out, and according to RDS Brodeur-Jourdain might be in for Seagraves. That leaves room for an import, most likely a wide receiver from the practice roster.
The key to stopping the Eskimos obviously is putting pressure on Ray, the need to hit him early and often.
And watching the first week of CFL games, sacking the QB has almost become an art, as you can only hit him above the knees and below the neck. It is something defensive players going at full speed have to be wary of. But I guess the CFL has to protect its QBs.

Is Desriveaux healthy? If so, I'd want him replacing Deslauriers at NI receiver. For the rest, Bratton would probably move into Richardson's spot with S.J. Green becoming the DI.

Green has the size.

And according to Herb, Green is getting the chance. I wonder if Green will be the DI or the starter. If the latter, it doesn't anything stellar about Bratton.

Desrivaux is taking Deslaurier's spot, Jourdain is taking Seagraves, Green is taking Richardson and Mohring might take Guzman.

Difficult to foresee since we don’t know if Richardson will be on injured list or remain on active roster and not dress; we know that Deslauriers has been transferred to the injured list,meaning that only 45 players are presently active.20 non-imports and 25 imports. Green is added, to make it 46 or 20 and 26; 4 imports would not dress. If accordingly,here are the 3 probable changes on the 42 players dressed.

Brodeur-Jourdain will dress, taking Deslauriers “place” on the 42 dressed players. He will be the 6th OL
Green will replace Richardson. He will be the starting SB with Cahoon.
Hawkins or Whitaker will be taking Seagraves “place” on the 42 dressed players.

The 4 imports not dressed would be: Campbell,Hawkins or Whitaker,Richardson and Seagraves.

If Guzman is hurt,Mohring will replace him.


According to depth chart, Richardson,Seagraves and Guzman are out-injured? or practice for Seagraves?-; in are Huclack,Mohring and Steenbergen.Also out Deslauriers and in Green.

Bédard or Huclack will not dress,along with Brodeur-Jourdain or Steenbergen, Campbell and Hawkins or Whitaker; my guess:Bédard,Brodeur-Jourdain,Campbell and Whitaker.

The "new" players from game 1 would then be: Green,Steenbergen,Hawkins,Mohring and Huclack; out:Deslauriers,Richardson,Seagraves,Guzman and Bédard.


Another alternative would be to "dress" Whitaker and "sit" Hawkins and "dress" Bédard and "sit" Giffin. Depends if coaches feel that Whitaker and Bédard are more valuable than Hawkins and Giffin on special teams. If Whitaker is dress, there will be more emphasis on running game,area where Edmonton was more/very vulnerable against Winnipeg.


RichardV, Last season you came out of the blue and contributed great posts. You have been a great edition to this forum!

According to RDS, the 4 players not "dressed"/ not playing, amongst the 46 active players, are:De'Audre Dix,I,DB,Doug Goldsby,N,S,Dylan Steenbergen,N,OT,and Brandon Whitaker,I,RB. Dix-quite surprised- and Goldbsy were not expected,at least from me. The only S/DB as replacements are Boulay and Woldu; Wright is listed as LB.

I presume that the Als coaches presume that Edmonton will run or try to run more than pass,hence the "dressing" of Campbell,I,DT.

Have a good game.


Al's looking very good early on.

Wow, you guys are the best team hands down.
Even better than last year.

Still a lot of football to be played. I agree that my Als look good, but each win has only been decided in the fourth quarter and we've had our share of issues on offense and special teams. Looking forward to Toronto-Sask this week -- should be quite a matchup!

Great Game tonight , we didn't have a chance you guys look real strong this year, hope you keep it up . good luck the rest of the way . See ya in Edmonton .

Great win Als, now I want to Jinx ya, I think you'll run the table. AC looked great! As did Bowman and Stewart on D.

I want to congratulate special teams on a great bounce-back game. After the atrocity of week 1, it was nice to see coverage teams flying to the football, no blocked punts, and Taylor breaking one off for a TD. I still don't trust Squires, and it's only one game, but still, very satisfying to see. In fact, if Duval doesn't botch those two early FG attempts, they'd be perfect on the night.

Totally agree.........and on another note for those that say that Edmonton missed two sure touchdowns and it could have been a different game..........well whoever you are (and I know a few) you obviously have not done the math. First of all, Edmonton scored field goals on each of the botched TDs so in reality they left 8 points on the field. To be fair, we have to give Duval his (should have made) botched field goals and so we left 4 points on the field. The net difference is 4 points in Edmonton's favor. Hardly anything to get worked up about.

I just returned from a week's fishing, so I missed the game and therefore have nothing of any meaning to contribute to the discussion.............not that I ever do...........

How's your opinion of Burke now, discipline?

About the same. The D-line played a whale of a game, and the linebackers looked good, but I still object to Burke's playcalling on 2nd and long. In virtually every other situation, he seems to know what he's doing, but time and again we let teams convert on 2nd and long way too easily. He has the DBs playing off the receivers at least 5 yards, and the linebackers settling into deep zones that leave the middle of the field wide open for slants, crossing routes, check downs to the RB, and QB draws.

I see it as being overly conservative with a lead. It is more noticeable because the team is almost always up. They haven't given up one big play on defense in the first two games, next to no YAC yards. They've also played the two best QB's in the league (aside from Calvillo). They kept both under 300 yards. Overall this defense while it bends a lot hasn't broken and is a very punishing one to play against. I like it. You could see in both games that opposition receivers are not all that eager to put themselves in harm's way of our guys. If I was Dressler this week. I would be real careful on his little cross routes...