Edmonton Game Thoughts

It was an exciting win for the Leos....too exciting.....after the early lead. I thought the defence won the game for the Lions. They played incredible, with a lot of guts and relentless effort, under the Dome heat. Special teams, with one exception, did an excellent job of coverage.

These were some thoughts on the game.

  1. On defence Brent Johnson was incredible. Simpson and Floyd, Phillips, Young and Marsh were outstanding. Kidd made a couple of unbelievable plays including covering Tucker forty yards downfield and knocking the ball down.
  2. Special teams coverage, overall was excellent. Glatt was the special teams player of the game and Floyd and Green both made game saving tackles in the scond half. O'Mahony punted the job very well. O'Mahoney's missed field goal at the fourteen, on the left side hash mark, is every field goal kicker's nightmare....the angle is bad. Saskatchewan missed from there in the Western final last year. Howevver, O'Mahoney's second miss from the 43 yard line was not excusable at all. He's only in his second year as a field goal kicker....and needs to get better. The Leos should consider using Brett Anderson again on kickoffs.
  3. Casey Printers looked rusty, with overthrows and overscrambling in the pocket. It was to be expected since he hasn't played since last years Western final, nor has he had a lot of reps, missing most of training camp. He showed flashes of his old brilliance, took off for some key runs instead of overscrambling in the second half, and stretched the defence vertically. If you could count the pass interference calls on deep balls he threw for a lot of more yards than his stats will indicate.
  4. For the second game in a row the Leos established the running game with a nice package of running plays. I thought Chapdelaine began calling too conservative a game in the third quarter.
  5. The offensive line obviously needs work. Buono blamed Dickenson for holding the ball too long in his first few games. Some will blame Printers this game for overscrambling. I've been tough on Chapdelaine for not having a good package of screens, dumps, hitches, and short passes in their offensive package to counteract the blitz. However I really am starting to think the offensive line, which has a lot of talent, is not doing a good enough job. Last year I thought it was offensive line personell as Printers ran for his life. This year Dickenson and Printers have been sacked way too often. I thought Chapdelaine had it solved in the Calgary game with a great offensive package. We're leading the league in having our quarterbacks sacked. If we don't solve it we're going to see Buck Pearce and Jackson at quarterback sooner than we want to.
  6. The fake handoff to Warren inside and the naked bootleg has to go as an offensive play. I thought the Leos had gotten rid of it and it returned again. Its a STUPID play. The Leos used it in their fourth play of scrimmage. Printers faked to Warren, rolled left, took a wicked hit, and the ball should have been intercepted. Most defensive ends are not easily fooled and the play will only work with an inside running game established and when the defensive end is crashing down. Dickenson took a couple of horrible hits on this same play in earlier games. Get rid of it!!
  7. Myers played well and the Leos went to him early and often. Clermont blocked well and made some big catches. The Leos only threw to Thelwell once.
  8. The defence was on the field a lot in the second half. They had to be exhausted with the Dome heat. They really dug down and won the game for us with a wonderful performance.


we had kwame who didnt even know half the playbook, hervey was gone davis was gone our secondary was depleted and we still almost won , not very good i say

I thought edonton were going to wipe the floor with us?think again MORON!

Good write up Blitz , RNR , your a jerk . He puts up a good sound post and all you can do is … call names??? Those interferance calls were very well deserved because they were major muggings and our receiver was in perfect position to catch those. And our guys do catch what they’re supposed to unlike some . Those muggings were because EE db’s were hitting the panick button , being clearly beat.
Nice of you to offer excuses too , did you happen to notice our STARTING QB didn’t play???

RNR, what are you doing on the internet unsupervised? Isn't it nap time?

It is not so much in team sports that you dominate your opponent for the entire game, but how your team handles that point in the game - no matter how long or brief - that your opponent takes over and has the superior play.

Last night the Lions answered that question with their play as a team on both O and D and two significant plays stand out for me:

  1. The Otis Floyd tackle on that great kick return guy, Thompkins who was on his way to the endzone on the missed FG.
  2. The Dante Marsh interception to nail the win.

No matter how good your team is there is always a point in a game where the other side dominates you. The issue is not avoiding that as you can't and won't. The issue is how your team responds. The Lions this year are showing that no matter what they can and will respond given the talent they have and their team cohesiveness. I think this just might be the best collection of talent in players and coaching staff the BC Lions have ever assembled in our 50 plus year history.

Blitz as usual an excellent game report and analysis.

A couple of points where I differ slightly but for the most I echo all that you are saying:

  1. agree that the D was incredible for the most part and the guys you note gave super performances - Johnson, Simpson - good INT, Floyld, Phillips, Young to re-name a few of these guys.
    I thought that Ricky Ray caught on to the 30 and 40 switching in the second half and made better pass decisions and it seemed to me we stopped being as agressive in the 2nd half until late (not sure if heat was a factor and time on field).

  2. Missed FGs - why didn't they just run the f..g ball to the middle of the field even if they ran backwards for 5 yards to do it? A FG there could have sealed Edmton's fate then and there. I am not prepared to listen to any excuse that DO is a pro who should be able to nail it even from that angle. We know he can't so it is a decision that was fool hardy to have CP try for a TD pass leaving the ball on the hache mark for a bad angle shot.
    The long miss - could he not hit that thing to get even a point? Maybe they should have punted it out of the end zone in retrospect or get another kicker. I know, who is that...? None out there.

  3. CP looked like this was first real combat of the season at times. His performance overall was moments of brilliance punctuated by moments of horror. If he had pre-season at all he'd have been brilliant last night I am sure. His long runs sure helped. He needs game time to get some rhythm in his play and comfort again like he had last year. He has the swagger now he needs some game time to take his game to where it was last year. He'll be fine.

  4. Too conservative a game in the 3rd Q I think came from the fact that CP was not moving the O at all and I think they were getting scared on the sidelines. Early in the game CP looked to be forcing balls rather than going for a surer toss.

  5. I think the O line is doing some good work. A lot of sacks are holding the ball by the QB decisions and last night, rust on the QB. The decision to rotate guys in the O line may be a factor, not sure. I am sure that if one of those big guys go down to injury this tactic of having ready spare parts will pay big dividends much like our depth at the QB position.

  6. The fake handoff to AW inside and the naked bootleg seems to me to be going somewhere else in the playbook we haven't seen yet like a .........
    Don't want to speculate on that but it seems they were looking to set something up that would be a little razzle dazzle but I am not sure.

As far as seeing Pierce or Jacksoon "sooner than we want to" I have a feeling that if they had had to go to Buck Pierce last night it would have been no different than the Spurgeon Wynn last second winning TD to Geroy vs Sask in the last game of the season last year. This team has a ton of talent in a number of positions and especially at QB. I'd be prepared to stake a lot on that firm belief of mine based on the Calgary pre-season game when Pierce came on late and when I compare his performance that night to Jason Gessor of Calgary who really looked like a deer in the headlights on the 401 in Toronto during rush hour. This Lions team is so good that even the backups could win for us on most nights. Normally you go to a game praying to never see the backups other than holding a clip board and looking pretty like Todd 'Marijuanovich' tossing footballs at the half.

The dome heat had Eskies falling like flies. The pre-game guy at MOJO 730 was saying that Ackles loves the dome and alluded to the heat factor. Maybe that is something that in summer will make us the better team fitness wise. We can play in that heat and are prepared. Others can't acclimate as well. That can be a bit of a factor for home field advantage.

You had to love that Dante Marsh INT to nail the game for us. He is underrated and always comes to play. I love this defensive corps overall.

I was thinking during the game how lucky BC is to have Dave Ritchie Def Co-ordinator. This is a guy who has a great record as a head coach and is renowned for his defensive talents. BC has great depth in the coaching ranks also.

Clearly a sore loser , a loser in more ways than one. Get used to it.

Rnr just shut up............... You're an embarassment for all Esk fans. BC was the better team last night so stop making excuses. I can only remember the pass intereference against braddy i think it was (when Dixon was right beside him) and then the Cavil incident at the end of the game. Either way, those penalties have got to stop. Bottom line is the Esks had to score more points than the Lions to win the game and when the final seconds ticked, it jut didn't happen. Poor game by Gaylor though, that kid is unpredictable. He'll either make big plays for you or against you... Ex: that pass from ricky right into his hands which resulted in a TD or a field goal for BC later on. Then when he just stopped running on the last play......... Very disapointing. He might of been able to make that catch or at least bat it out of Marsh' hands. Anyways, Macocia needs to get ahold of this Eskimos team so they stop taking dumb penalties because being the highest penalized team in the CFL isn't something that's helping... It's never going to allow us to win games agaist the top teams like BC, Montreal and Toronto. I don't know how he's going to do it but it needs to get done. We're desperate for a RB...................... Ricky won't be able to do this all season long, he's going to keep getting pounded over and over again and once in a while, he's going to get hurt. Anyways the final 2 quarters were great and I can't wait for the rematch. Sanchez will be back and Cavil will know the play book alot better. Good job guys. I'll see you in Edmonton.

THANKS Pennw, West Coast Express, ILOvEfELloNs, ....if we ever find RUNnealonRUN he'd better start running!!

Great post Football 16....I really enjoyed reading it. I agree that some of the sacks were also coverage sacks. It seems to be a combination of holding the ball too long at times, not screening and dumping at other times, and line breakdowns at other times. I've always been a Mantyka fan but he had another breakdown in this game. I thought Rasouli played well and its a good idea to break him into the lineup. I also think Powell is really developing at left tackle....he's quick and strong..

With regard to the play action fake to Warren and naked bootleg....I have no idea what wrinkles they could do with that play at all....other than if they are determined to use it they need to use it later in the game after establishing Warren inside.

I agree with you that this Leos team has some of the best talent and most depth ever. Phillips is continuing to get better and the corners, in Young and Marsh are excellent. Edmonton mostly picked on Mark Washington last night, who I think needs to pick up his game a little.

With Pearce and Jackson on the bench this is the best quarterback depth the Leos have ever had. I'm glad Printers got to play and we still won. It makes us better for the future. Printers said he was disappointed in his play and will work hard in practice to get better. He was facing the best defence in the league with no playing time since last years Western final and hasn't had the necessary reps in practice....missing a lot of training camp. He'll be more ready if he needs to come in..in the future.

I totally agree with you that the offence needed to be thinking field goal as a back up plan and should have run a play to the middle of the field to put OMahoney in a better spot...especially at that time of the game. Its an excellent point.

One thing for sure, with each team having a quality specialist punt/kick returner who can take it all the way......missing field goals is more dangerous than its ever been!!

EEsks your acting like a school boy bitch ‘’ ohhhh they played a better game ‘’ pussy

RNR - Don't cry too much mate... you might want to start supporting Chelsea in the English Premiership, they're bad loosers as well!

Come on you Lions

RNR you know they did. They didn't decide to take a bunch of retarded penalties like we did so just learn to accept a loss. BC is the best team in the CFL and they deserve credit. If the Esks eliminate the penalties, they'll be the best. They don't even have a running game and they can just about pull it off.

B.C. is better. end of story :roll:

BC was better on the night but it is a long, long tough season. No one is being awarded the West Division title yet. I suspect that Edmonton will be a much harder opponent when the Lions go to Commonwealth to play them.

I am not suggesting that the Lions can't sweep the Esks, just that they are a good team and won't be forgetting last night any time soon.

BC is doing very good this year! I wouldn't be surprised if they take home the grey cup! WE'RE GOIN ALL THE WAY, BABY!!!

When O'Mahony shanked the fg off the post that would have put the game away, I thought for sure that Ray would be able to turn that blunder into a loss for the Lions. 20 yards away from winning, but Ray throws an interception. I think Ray had another bad game and the Lions got lucky. Looking forward to the next Lions/Esks match up.