Edmonton Game Attendence

41,788 Not a larger crowd 73% of capacity. Looked like more on TV.

seemed like a fun crowd for good game.

Let's hope the success of the Riders will bring out the Rider fans to more away games !!
The Riders will probably bring out the biggest crowd of the year in Winnipeg next week too.

Well, if Riders can get a big crowd to IGF next weekend, when they are playing in Regina, they really do deserve a little cut of the Bombers gate IMO.

Good crowd last night for sure. Considering it's the frist over 40K crowd in 3 years, there were other SK games in the past 2 years that did under that so Edmonton fans shoud be given credit as well for yesterday.

Not sure why a big crowd next week in Winnipeg is a big issue, that's generally a sell out every year anyways. I believe attendance is up in Winnipeg this year so should they be giving a part of the gate to their visitors too?

The league should give all visiting teams a small cut of gate revenues. That's a great way to share revenues and prop up the revenue challenged clubs cough Argos cough . The NFL has done this for decades and it works well. The Riders help other teams home game revenues more than any other team

The big crowd next week in Winnipeg will be an issue because the game is in Regina

Yes, correct. I was thinking of the week after.

Regina and the western teams in general already share revenues with the eastern teams with the national tv contract. The western teams draw higher tv ratings on average, so if each team negotiated an independent regional tv contract the 5 teams out west (with the possible exception of Calgary who tends to have the lowest ratings in the west) would be paid a larger annual fee for their rights.

As it is, the national tv contract distributes revenues equally among all teams despite the lower ratings for the eastern teams. Thus, revenue sharing is in fact already occurring at this point much like it does with the NFL national TV contracts.

Usually if the Riders are doing really well there will be a lot more Rider fans at Road games.

You can bet that if the Riders were 7-2 there would have been maybe 50,000 people at last nights game.

Say what? They play an equal number of home games. Get butts in seats...seriously...you need like 20k or whatever fans at NINE games per season to break even in Toronto not 50 000. The day 75% capacity doesn't pay the bills lets talk about revenue sharing. Why would you alienate a whole bunch of fans by doing something like this in a small cap league? There is already a sway in TV money distribution. If they need to do some sort of overall revenue sharing...fine...but direct cut of the gate...f that. There are also 2 teams that do all of their own marketing merch wise yet still have to pay the league like every other team does for that service and still give up a cut to the league like other teams...the revenue sharing is already there.

near equally. I did not look at the refreshed deal closely, but the previous had a sway of about +/- 260 000 in potential revenue from it per team, meaning a team that had some distress could get nominally more, and teams that did well might make even more nominally less. 260k might not seem like a lot, but it is approaching 5% of the cap, so far from a kick in the nads. I don't know how much that actually sways, but I do know, for example, that the TiCats got maxed out when they were struggling with the new stadium completion.

There is no true revenue sharing in the CFL. There used to be various forms of it, but it doesn't exist in the form it does in other leagues. Overall revenue sharing would be much more onerous than just sharing the gate.

The Riders are a draw in almost every market that they play in. Perhaps they should participate in the profits they help generate in away ballparks.

fixed it for you.