Edmonton forced to wear mikes in final game

So the Trump-buckets (Reilly & Maas) have to wear league-sanctioned mikes in their final game vs. Toronto.

Apparently (according to TSN 1290 in Wpg.) the consequences of Reilly shedding his microphone again is suspension for his next game.

Both Reilly & Maas are screamin' hot at the thought of wearing mics - one guy is embarrassed at his trump-like potty mouth and the other guy just doesn't like carrying added weight.

If the bombers win vs. Ottawa's new scrubs (Harris & Hank won't see much game action Friday nite) then Edmonton's game is truly a nothin' game. If the bombers lose then decisions have to be made. If Edmonton wants to play BC in the western semi in Vancouver then they'll probably have to decide to WIN the game and start Microphone Reilly - if Winnipeg somehow carves out a win vs. Ottawa then Maas/Ed Hervey can decide to start Franklin - avoid the microphone controversy entirely (other than Reilly shouting enthusiasm on the sidelines) and can effortlessly glide into the eastern semi vs. the "mighty ticats". Wonder if Orridge would fine Reilly for being subbed for??? Or if a verbally listless guy like Franklyn would be forced to don the mike? :cowboy:

.....Every team had to comply with the league directive....Do the Esks. think they're above everyone else and that they should be exempt??...Wear the bloody thing and get on with the programme...I doubt whether Reilly will want to be suspended BUT I could see him sitting on the sidelines if it's a nothing game...He'll wear it if he's playing...We might have to bleep a lot of Maas for the innocent ears but he too will have to comply

Lyle, are you making this stuff up about Reilly? You really need to get back on your meds.

CFL/CFLPA agreement says that players do not have to wear mics. Been reported several times, The league can not fine or suspend a player for not wearing a mic.

Regardless, the Eskies appear as if they are above the league with not wearing the mics and that will entice teams more to beat them I think and for fans of other teams to want to see them get beat. It's like they are saying to the league "go ahead do something, I'm shaking in my boots" with a smirk on their face. And we know how that fared for Baustista and the Blue Jays agains't the Tribe with that rookie pitcher. :smiley:

Also, Edmonton can't get around it by starting Franklin since the backup QB also is miked up. Now of course, he can refuse to wear it like Reilly did, but if Maas refuses, he'll be suspended for the semi final in whichever division the Esks are in.

Also, read what Maas says about their no-huddle play-calling. Sounds like a good reason to me.

[url=https://www.google.ca/amp/edmontonjournal.com/sports/football/cfl/edmonton-eskimos/forced-into-live-mic-broadcast-jason-maas-vows-to-get-creative/amp]https://www.google.ca/amp/edmontonjourn ... eative/amp[/url]

i love it!!! its creating some awesome story lines and hate towards playoffs.

i want more.

$10 bucks Maas says stupid things on live mic like (free eskimos, live mic sucks X right 24 draw, micgate on 1)

[url=http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/football/cfl/edmonton-eskimos/forced-into-live-mic-broadcast-jason-maas-vows-to-get-creative]http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/footb ... t-creative[/url]

their offense is not designed for live mic which makes it even more fun for the fan.

Live Mic Broadcasts have resulted in a 17 per cent increase in CFL ON TSN television audiences compared to average audiences for non-Live Mic games.

This is called lying with statistics. Remember NHL showing the puck with a laser. Increased TV viewing 20%.

Or NOT!! another bad idea

Great so Argo fans will hear all of the Eskimos mocking and laughing as they kick Argo @ss.

Looking forward to hearing Milo cry, whimper and pray for his job.


They are wearing "butt mikes".

So Mass :

the fine hurts finacially - not pocket change :cry:

lost sleep :cry:

wife has go to go back to work :cry:

Perhaps he should have thought of that before ignoring mandatory directives.

I hate the mic ups, but if 8 have to do it, then all 9 have to.

“As the League’s official broadcaster, our mandate is to innovate and elevate the viewing experience for CFL fans,? said Paul Graham, Vice-President and Executive Producer, Live Events, TSN. “By way of our partnership with the CFL, the CFLPA, and the teams, we’re looking forward to delivering another Live Mic Broadcast, which has proven to be a hit for CFL fans.?
Who wants this live mic crap? The CFL or TSN. I have seen several polls and in each over 70% of responders say they either don't like it or try to ignore it. I think it adds nothing and most people will have no idea what the QB is saying. It won't make me turn off the game but it can be annoying. And I did play football but not anywhere near this level.

Maas and Reilly, also don't want people to hear them when they discuss strategy on how to tank the game...

[i]Live mic crap, big deal!

What Johnny would like is a camera in players' helmets. We would get to see plays through the eyes of the player at game speed. We could almost feel the hits!

This would be so cool![/i]

I hope they drop the live mics next year.
Another aspect is that it is hard enough to plan for a game.
Now 9 coaches need to re-word the playbook lingo :thdn:

As for Johnny's helmet cams, I say no.

The 91-92 WLAF did this, and the tv was bouncing all over.

I invite Johnny and others to view a couple of youtube samples:



For those of you who remember the WL, it was not for the whole game, just a few select plays.

If I ask a forum full of people whining about it, the poll results will show people whining about it. That in no way reflects the TV audience at large.

When you get a real, statistically valid poll done on the subject, get back to us.

I don't mind it as it is perfected, we will probably be able to turn the mic feed on or off via the smart interface.

Anyway this isn't Maas decision to make at all. Even the player should have no say in this. All kinds of people in the workplace are mic'd. From Pilots, cops to call center clerks.

Every single Head Coach and every QB in the League has stated vehemently that they do NOT like it!
For this reason and also the fact that it adds very little, if anything, to enhance the game experience for me,
My vote is :thdn:
Let the Coaches Coach and let the Players Play, TSN should stay off the field and stay in the press box and behind the sidelines, where they belong.
IMHO, TSN is doing a great job, I love their TV coverage, they really don't need to do this circus act.