Edmonton finds a way to lose ... again

Dickenson , didn't play all game and was only 80%.

I am sure EDMONTON thought " well they will not pass ".

At least PIERCE could scamble and was healthy.What if D.D. got even more hurt?

It almost cost B.C. the game. :thdn:

If the EE O had done their job, it would'nt have fallen to a last second play, so don't blame Machokie, he may be an idiot, but the loss is not all his fault.

Can’t figure that coach out. First he goes for the field goal on the second down. That was a good move. But then he runs out the clock on the second down. That’s not too bright. BC’s defence won that one. Edmonton are sure getting to know Mr. Murphy and his law!

The CFL needs a "Maciocia Cam" specifically on him during the entire game.....when that ball was bobbled, both my husband and I said "I wonder what Maciocia's reaction was this time?"

Who lets the clock run down in that situation? Bonehead move, in my opinion.....

...Danny Nocoacha ...looks like he's done like dinner....how many time are the Esks. gonna put up with that kind of coaching....the thing is....i don't know whats worse ....the Esks. 'o' line or the coaches....nice win leos... :thup:

Hey! they have to keep Danny. This guy is too much fun to watch and I don't mean that in a bad way. His expressions are priceless. If we could have seen those faces on Dave last year it might have have been fun. 5-13, maybe not. Chances are he will be gone.

  1. A back-up QB who only put up 16 of the 30 points on the board. The rest were gifts from the esks offence
  2. I'd have to disagree with you completely. The esks outplayed the Roughriders last week. Joseph completed less than 50%. The esks had 290 net yards of offence compared tot he riders 240.
  3. More what-ifs...
    1. the esks didn't allow calgary to come back with 90 seconds left in the first game. Would've been another win.
    2. rick campbell didn't fuck up and call an 8 man blitz for the stegall TD. Another win.
    3. the esks didn't allow Montreal to come back late in the fourth quarter. another win.
    4. the esks didn't botch a field goal vs. BC. another win.

If it weren't for a few fuck-ups. This team could be just as easily 6-3 or 7-2. 2 of the above situations were losses directly as a result of the coaching staff. I'm hoping the esks can win 5 of their last 9 to finish 8-10, which should hopefully be good enough for a playoff spot. But this probably isn't going to happen with Rick Campbell and DM calling the shots.

A win is a win and a loss is a loss. Who cares about "what ifs"?

You are right teams that lose by mistakes like this are close and hopefully it is a matter of time they get past this. But the question is will it be to late. I do not think there is much wrong here! The problem is coaching it needs to be fixed!

If there was no talk about "what ifs" you wouldn't see a single Rider fan posting on this forum.

...WHAT 'IF'....you take a look at the standings EE.....and verify the fact that the Eskimos are definitely in LAST PLACE .. after the big Sask. win last night...a place where the Esks. will be staying as long as they keep 'dancing Danny' as their head coach....lol :lol: :lol:

I don't think Maciocia is the main problem in Edmonton any more than Marshal was in Hamilton.

…well i guess the poor decisions …are all the fault of the players…hmmmmmm …maybe you’re right neil 70…could be the poor record so far this year should be laid at the feet of everyone in the Esks. organization…and the results are winning a Grey Cup last year…to last place in 06…something ain’t right that’s for sure…but you see the players never get fired…it’s always the guys like the ‘dancing boy’ that take the fall… :wink:

Remember that the Esks were a 3rd place team last season and got hot/lucky at the right time. This really reminds me of Calgary in 2001 which got hot/lucky late in that season and then went into the tank next season and Wally got run out of town.

Zieg: you make a very good point.

Ya... :roll: A third place team that was one win away(last game vs. calgary), from finishing 12-6 and FIRST in the west. Only 2 points seperated the top 3 teams in the west last year. And the esks were in fact tied with Calgary, but they had the tiebreaker.

That’s right Esks123, thanks for providing the stats that supported what Zieg just said – during the regular season last year, the Esks were a middle of the road team that finished third and then put it together in the playoffs. And your point would be?

Only because they had two QB's..if Edmonton didn't have Maas lasy year, they would of been watching the GreyCup on the TV...for sure..

....it;s a hard fact to accept hank.....when all the wheels fall off....we seen it last year....with the Bombers....poor coaching = disaster.....but heh .....what do we know....let the Esks. swing..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Eskimos seem to have the bone head play to perfection!