Edmonton finds a way to lose ... again

Jason Johnson bobbles the snap on the winning field goal try, ouch.

ha ha ha

I thought we were done... Shades of the Edmonton Sask game from last year?

that was a good laugh :slight_smile:

Edmonton tried the field goal on 2nd down with 17 seconds to go in the game
so that if the holder bobbled the snap he could fall on it
and get a 2nd chance to try for a field goal again on 3rd down

but the holder fumbled the snap and for some inexplicable reason
they had allowed the game clock to run down to zero.

Poor Eskimos... :lol:

Couldn't happen to a more hated team!

macioca is done now..

Machoka always seems to find a way to lose the hard way, last year against the Riders, this year against the Bombers, and now against the Lions, wow that's gotta be tough on the Edmonton fans.

worst coach in the cfl.

Awesome.. absolutely awesome. I stopped watching this game after the second INT TD because I thought it was in the bag for the Lions, then I turned back just as they were sending in Dickenson and said:
"What the #$# happened?!"

So then I watch Dickenson do nothing and turn the ball over with over a minute left and Edmonton needing a field goal to win and say:
"Edmonton's going to win."

So they throw that big pass to Tucker, to put them in great position for a field goal to win and I notice that Macciocca is already celebrating on the sidelines... and I start laughing.
"When will this guy learn?" I yell to no one in general, "He's gonna shank that kick now. It's karma."

Well.. I was wrong. But not so wrong that I didn't almost fall off the couch laughing when they showed poor little Danny looking like he was about to cry. Great ending. I think we'll see Hughie with the axe pretty soon.

Thats awful and yet again Maciocia was celebrating prematurely. It was a dumb idea to wait for the game clock to run down. Lets say they ran the play as quickly as possible and the lions got the ball back with 10 seconds to go on their 35 yard line the lions would be done since all the deep routes should be well covered especially simon's but then again they dont always call the smart defensive play.

It was a horrible call to wiat for the time to run out and they paid the price for it. The coaching of this team is really hurting them and so far it has cost them at least 2 games so far this year you can also argue that it cost them their game against the als as well. Maciocia and Campbell are the problems wit hthis team right now.

And to anyone that says that Im jumping all over him for one bad season Ive been hating Maciocia for going on 6 years now. Im old school hating danny maciocia

you guys are being too hard on him. He may not be a great coach, but dont assume he is celebrating the win when he most likely just celebrating good plays and situations. He is not the only one to do so.

ha ha ha it felt good so i will say it again ha ha ha

Actually B.C. were real lucky to win this game after WALLY's bone headed coaching move!

read my thread on this game!

Another tough loss for the Esks.
How bad are the Esks though??

  1. They could not beat BC with a back-up Qb running the show.
  2. They were outplayed last week by the Riders and were lucky to win.
  3. If Burris or his receiver not got mixed up earlier in the season on the last play the Esks should have lost that game.
    Their record could easily be 1-9. Wow. They are in trouble even with Ricky Ray at QB.

I can't recall too many coaches jumping around and high-fiving people over a completion. Most coaches would immediately be reminding the team that it's not over yet, and it's not time to celebrate yet.. not Danny M. He's so busy jumping around like a little girl that he allows the team to mismanage the clock and screw up what should have been a gimme for the win. He shouldn't be a head coach... and I don't think he will be for much longer.

I agree and neither should B.C.'s WALLY!

Pierce only managed 80 yards in the entire second half… he probably wouldn’t have done any better. Wally was trying to shake things up, give them enough confidence for a last minute score to cement things. Unfortunately for him it didn’t work… fortunately for him it didn’t matter.

If you're saying he shouldn't be a coach then you must be on crack. He's one of the winningest coaches in CFL history. Despite what may not have been the brightest move in putting Dickenson in on the final drive, it didn't matter in the end, and his team is first in the west. How does this make him a bad coach?