Edmonton fans bring nice crowd for ESPN2

Great crowd. take notice hamilton and who ever is next.... Edmonton top 3 city in Canada with Calgary and Winnipeg!!

way to go Edmonton.

You're still allowed to post here?

Why wouldn't we want the thoughts and opinions of a contributor like WBBB, someone who has worked with CFL/NFL administration departments in the past?

Thanks Blue!

and it was a great game for everyone. Fantastic way to start the big week in the CFL!

ROTFLMAO!!!!! Worked with CFL/NFL administration departments in the past??!!????......As what???? The office joe boy :stuck_out_tongue:

I can here it now

Administrator: Shirley,sent that Beach guy into my office right away,we have a big meeting and we need him to run out for coffee and donuts for the entire board.
Secretary: No problem,I believe he's cleaning the men's washroom right now,I'll page him right away,he should be done mopping the floor and plunging that backed up toilet by now.
Secretary:Hey Mr.Beach guy,forget about the mop and bucket the boss wants to see you in his office right away,bring your pencil and note pad,it sounds real important.
BeachBomber: I'm on my way,be right there......silently says to himself....Oh boy this could be my big break,the boss wants me to show up at the meeting and bring my pencil and note pad.Hot diggity dog,he must have a really important assignment for me this time !!!! :lol: :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

And just why should he/she not be allowed to post here?
There is a thing called freedom of speech here in this country and if you don't like it, perhaps you should go back to some country where they do not allow such freedoms.
Seems to me that there are way too many individuals who have the blinders on in these forums who like to think that they are big shots by getting anybody who does not bow down to them, banned.

So your ok with somebody boasting about what's going to happen and he has it on good authority ,then he can't back it up , provide a link and it's outright BS . It's called zero credibility . Just like you trolling the Bomber forum!

Not to mention the trolling on the Rider forum by one Mr.MaddenCFL as well :thdn: It's pretty bad when a fellow Bomber fan calls out one of their supposed own in here.....(or is that 2 supposed B.B fans :roll:)

I take it you haven't been following his posts proclaiming how brilliant he is and how stupid the rest of us are by comparison?

:cowboy: :lol: :lol: :lol:

WBBB Hard at work as an administrator at head office :roll: :wink: :cowboy:

:D aaaah that is funny! plunger. I need one too!

... oh by the way. I guess I was right about the ESPN thingy huh? and most of you were, uhhh wrong ? yup..

Actually, freedom of speech only applies on forums if its moderators and administrators allow it. There are things you are not allowed to do, including spam, racial/homophobic remarks, and continual verbal altercations with others. So go ahead and spew the whole "freedom of speech" jargon all you want, but people DO get banned for the things they say on here.

These forums aren't a country, they're a place intended for the enjoyment of its members. If one member is quite clearly taking away from the amusement of every other member, they will be banned.

Yep, you nailed that one. I don't know why people continue to doubt you.

All those empty seats doesn't look good on TV ! Ottawa looks good on TV, no empty seats :thup:

I'm just curious here Mr. Blue Dragoon :wink: ,but are you perhaps WBBB's nephew ? son ? brother ? sister ? Uncle ? Aunt ? Grandchild ? Grandfather ? DAD ?
or just maybe perhaps his next door neighbor ? or perhaps WBBB best buddy from high school days. :lol: I have to admit it cracks me up how you defend the Beachboy after every one of his posts,it's hilarious how you pretend to suck up to this guy and he eats it up everytime. It's like you are the head and president and only member of the official WBBB fan club. :slight_smile: Good job !!!!
Parody at it's finest.Keep up the good work. :lol: :smiley: :rockin:
I can't help but think about this cartoon everytime I see a post by you defending your GOOD buddy WBBB aka Spike to your Chester. :smiley: :lol:


Ignoring a post also works.