Edmonton Eskimos to show Sept 21st game at Commonwealth?

I've heard that the Eskimos along with the City are working on a compromise to the game not being shown on TSN.

they are looking at playing it on the big screen at Commonwealth Stadium.. but I also heard that they are trying to get the game on Ch9 (access network) as well.

I get TSN2 on Bellexpressvu, but if I didn't I would probably just head over to Boston Pizza to catch the game. I don't think they would get too good of a turnout at CW.

I urge all CFL fans not to purchase at Wendy's that day as a protest to not showing the game. I know it is not fair to take it out on a loyal sponser but it is one way to send a message to TSN.

At least it’s a daytime game. They showed the Sask / BC game at Mosaic but when it doesn’t start until after sunset, it doesn’t get a lot of support.

They are showing the game. When the CFL makes the schedule knowing full well of the scheduling conflict, and ignores it, what is TSN supposed to do?

I guess you just have your laptop running the game!

And what message is that?
Do you really think that TSN cares if Wendy’s loses buisness that day?
What if Wendy’s drops the CFL because of it?

Why not Rona or Safeway?

I say ya call Shaw all day long until they just can't handle the volume anymore!

If you want to send a message to TSN then watch Poker on Sportsnet.

If they plan on showing the game at Commonwealth, why wouldn't they show it at a much more intimate and comfortable Rexall Centre

because you can get 3 times as many people to watch the game at Commonwealth

If the attendance was more than a few thousand for the outdoor game on the Jumbotron(if this goes down), I would be surprised. Therefore, I don't think capacity has anything to do with the location. Probably just because it would be weird watching a football game in a hockey rink and they don't want to mess with the atmosphere would be my guess.

Ya...thanks for the blatantly obvious fact but if they cant fill the stands for an ACTUAL game, they sure as heck arent going to need all those available seats for a televised one.

yeah so?

your point?

I'd rather sit outside in the fresh air than in a cramped rexall place!

I think they would probably be better equipped to show it in rexall, if they could show it on the scoreboard over center ice they could fit people in on all sides.

Thanks for pointing that out. :thup: