Edmonton Eskimos to fire DM - Kelly staying in Edmonton?

Interesting report now that Eskimos might be firing Danny Macoccia, and he will move to the front office, and rumour has it that Mike Kelly might be asked to be the head coach. If this happens, and Kelly doesn't go to Winnipeg then look for Richie Hall to be the next head coach in Winnipeg.

How about, oh I don't know...........................a source????

why don't you look it up yourself? :cowboy:

[url=http://canada.com.dose.ca/topics/sports/story.html?id=964115]http://canada.com.dose.ca/topics/sports ... ?id=964115[/url]

and edmonton sports reporter Garry Daniels just reported about 2 hours ago that Edmonton has let Kelly speak to Winnipeg but they told him to hold on cause they might be talking to him about staying in Edmonton

Jersey, you're new, so I'll go easy... if you post something like this, it's not up to us to prove what you're saying is true. Provide a source or don't bother posting. Oh, and calling someone dumb isn't allowed. :wink:

As for the article, it doesn't look like there's anything really concrete. Danny M. was saying the other day that he doesn't expect any changes in his role with the team.

Jersey, what you obviously don't know (aside entirely from knowing nothing about me, and the degrees of my laziness or dumbness, as you so kindly put it), is that we have had, for a number of years, a few posters who were well known for posting rumours or plain made up nonsense.........so when you post something like this it is your onus to cite a source.

I was going to return insult for insult, but as Chief has so kindly deleted it, I shall resist any temptation to lower myself to that level.

'''I have heard....and i will not quote a source...but rather what someone in the media picked-up....(take that for what its worth) that Danny M. will indeed be changing positions but within the esks. organization...being kicked up-stairs and Doug Berry coming to the esks. in some capacity....who knows?????? Grey Cup week has all kinds of wild rumours :lol: :lol: :lol: But you might keep this in mind about Mike Kelly :wink: ...UNLESS he's offered the headcoaching AND GM. job in Edmonton...expect to hear right after the Cup game that he has been signed by the Bombers in just that capacity.... :wink:

Finally posted a link! RIght Frank?