Edmonton Eskimos recorded a $3.6M profit in 2014!

The Esks posted a profit of $3.6 million in 2014, nearly matching the $3.9 million earned by the Bombers. The Esks had revenue of $24.3M, a 30% increase from 2013.

[b]Edmonton Eskimos were a big success on and off the field last season[/b]


EDMONTON - The 2014 CFL season was a successful one, on and off the field, for the Edmonton Eskimos.

The community-owned CFL club announced Tuesday at its annual general meeting it recorded a profit of just under $3.6 million in 2014. After finishing last in the West Division with a 4-14 record in 2013, the Eskimos were second in the conference last year with a 12-6 record under first-year coach Chris Jones.

The Eskimos beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders 18-10 in the division semifinal at Commonwealth Stadium before dropping a 43-18 decision to the eventual Grey Cup-champion Calgary Stampeders in the conference final.

According to treasurer John Moquin's report, the club's operating revenue was $24.3 million, an increase of $5.7 (or 30.5 per cent) over 2013. The Eskimos also registered increases in gate receipts ($821,000), game-day revenues ($610,000) and merchandise sales ($428,000) over last year.

Edmonton's total operating expenses were $21 million, an increase of $3.8 million (or 21.9 per cent) over 2013.

The Eskimos' regular-season attendance increased 4.3 per cent as they averaged a CFL-high 32,733 fans per game. Three times Edmonton attracted over 40,000 spectators to a game

Well done. :thup:

This is complete BS.. The Esks had there worst season. Ever off the field with terrible attendance.. They never even came close to having an average of 30k actual asses in the seats... This profit is solely from screwing over the players and hoarding the TV revenues

Bungle you are so correct - they had what 4 crowds less then 27,0000 - take away Labor Day with. Calgary and Sask.
Visiting they had a poor season with attendance . You are so right their coaches salaries and administration added up closer to 6 million dollars - more then the players combined 5 million . The players association was such a joke - embarrassing themselves in the negotiations if we can call them that. - the players got the short end again at the expense of the deceptive and heavy handed practices of the owners and BOG . Let's hope the players have woken up for,the next round
Till,then long live the owners and community owned teams as they prosper and lay up nest eggs - why you can always get a football,player for. 51,000 per year less then a ticket sales agent on commission .

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The Eskimos were 12-6 last year... the year before they were 4-14.

Western teams were making money before, Eastern teams losing or treading water. Good luck convincing community owned teams and dealing with the optics that they should be giving money to a private owner instead of improving amateur facilities, programming, and minor sport... That'll go over well.

The Esks have been the most financially stable team in the league for well over 4 decades, with the Riders coming up behind them and taking over the last couple years. Of course their profits will improve, they were profitable before. The deal wasn't to make Edmonton more profitable, though it is a side-effect... it was to make the Argos/Ticats at least slightly attractive to own, get greater interest in some teams that will have to be sold over the next while (BC), and to gain interest in expansion franchises (do we want anyone to be interested in Quebec, Atlantic Canada, etc ?), which would never happen if some teams were still bleeding money (East). This isn't the USA... Billionaires wanting to dump millions into a money-losing pet project aren't a dime a dozen here... and the one's that are here would rather lose millions on American leagues (Jays, TFC, etc) or try convincing the NHL to let Canada have another team.

But we already have another thread for this.

Very happy for Eskimos and their fans.But their profits were closer to 8 million. You don't increase your operating costs a whopping 22 percent year to year, no mature business does that. Those are hidden profits and we won't even talk about capital expenditures like the new seats.

You do understand how an "average" works don't you? you take the low crowds with the high crowds. Yes take away Labor Day, Calgary and Sask, then we wouldn't have a CFL would we?................... :roll:

You are probably right HfxTC, the Esks have huge cash reserves they've built up over the years. We have to look at the Financial Statement to see how much cash they're keeping on hand and other investments to ascertain their true profit.

The community-owned teams tend to spend (or hide) most of the money they earn. The Esks expenditures increased 20% over 2013, while the Riders spend over $30M a year, ostensibly to lower their announced profits...while building up huge war chests and rainy day reserves. The Riders are contributing $40M cash towards their new stadium, for example.

CFL teams could give away their profits to the players, for example paying starting QB's $800k a season instead of $400k, but what would be the point? If QBs are willing to sign for $400k or rookies for $60k, should CFL teams give them a raise anyway?

NFL teams are making $50M profit or more. Should they instead give away those profits to the players, like paying P. Manning $40M per season or should he be happy with $30M?

How can they hide most of their money they earn? again where is your link or proof?
Here is their report from last year, the 2014 report will be uploaded soon but I can't see from last year where they hide profits?? it's a public community owned club that provides financial reports for everyone to see:

[url=http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/edm/downloads/downloads/2014/05/2013-edmonton-eskimo-report-to-shareholders2014050348.pdf]http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/edm/downloads ... 050348.pdf[/url]

Why are you going off on a tangent? What does NFL profits have to do with the Esks?
Why would CFL teams give away profits to the players? what about their investors who want a return on their investment? shouldn't they get any profit? what about teams that are losing money like the Argos?

From 4-14 to 12-6 and your attendance only increases 4.3 %? That seems like a huge disappointment to me. Probably same story as everywhere though, old fans, no new ones replacing them, low scoring, etc.

You don't rebuild a fan base over a 3 month period. Its hard work to get new "customers" and even harder work bringing back lost ones. Any business will take a 5 percent growth. Do that steady for five years and it looks pretty good.

Of course I have proof. They increased their operating expenses by 22 percent :slight_smile:

You hide profits by spending. You increase your inventories by purchasing a year’s worth of apparel. Paying Hotels and transportation for future use (open tickets), Purchase advertising, hiring extra staff. Paying out bonus to offset management contracts. Possibilities are endless.

Did I suggest that ? Just pointing out that NFP charters who are PROFITABLE need to hide=defer=spend=invest their profits.

This thing about rejecting anything that seems like good news...Is just because you don't like the feeling of happiness and optimism, or is it more like an allergy?

How does everything, including a positive thread, cause infighting?

The simple fact of the matter is, teams in the CFL are doing (much) better and should ALL be well in the black by the end of the decade. That’s GREAT news.

They have all been in the black this entire decade except for the Toronto teams.. Hamilton will make huge money now and Toronto only needs 5000 more paid customers and they will be in the black too.
Its just a joke how the league cried poor last year and then the players basicly refused to play decently last year.. If the league had paid it's players last year and givin them a 6 million dollar cap, this league would be growing by leaps and bounds right now.. We would be getting a much higher level of play because the union negotiated that playewrs only had to practice 20 hours a week so that they still could work other jobs.. IF the league paid players enough, we would have a much better product and our league would be snowballing with it's growth potencial.. Instead the owners are trying to keep this league mom and pop. These finacials just show how the Esks are paying 20% of revenues to players...

I agree.

Would the Esks posting a 3.6 million loss make more people happy?

I chalk it up to Bungle being Bungle.


Bungle is a good guy. :thup: