Edmonton Eskimos offer free tickets for kids - Can Cats follow suit?

The Eskimos introduced $22 general admission tickets and children 17 and under get in free. Can the Tiger Cats follow suit? Good way to introduce the game to the younger crowd and fill up the stadium.

It’s a good idea but what about those who already have tickets for their children under 17. I’d be kinda bummed considering I have paid full price for my son since he was 4 (now 10)

It looks like the kids free tickets are only in the endzone general admission seats with the purchase of an adult ticket.

Edmonton has like 50k seats.

Supply and demand. Hamilton doesn’t have to do that.

If a club DJ doesn’t bring the kids in nothing will.

I’ve mixed feelings on this one. The Cats do offer various special deals for families now, and I see lots of kids at the stadium, even ‘babes in arms’ (and earphones).

Way back in the Ivor Wynne days, when I bought tickets on a game to game basis, the club would sell me a Youth ticket for my grandson, if you asked at the time of purchase… I think it was maybe one-third to one-half the adult price. I seem to recall getting a special deal one time if we sat in the Family Zone. Kid ate more food than the ticket cost I think.

For me, the free ticket for the kids is probably more to get Dad at the stadium than to build a future fan base?

When my kids were little I had seasons tickets for them. We sat 50 yard line great seats. Their tickets were half price. Cheaper than paying for a sitter. Also got to buy Grey Cup tickets but a full price. The issue then was there were very few ST holders and game day attendance was sparse.

When I was a kid the endzone seats for kids were $2 at Dominion stores. My buddies and I, 11 at the time , went to the games together

Would NOT happen today.

I purchased the $2 Dominion end-zone tickets as well with a bunch of my friends in grade 6 and 7 in the mid 80’s( no parents as well). We would move to the empty seats near the 20 yard lines in the North stands after 1/2 time.

Wow, times have changed.

Now if you want to be UNSUPERVISED you have to go to the game without your wife. :wink:

I thought that was UNSCRUTINIZED…

I think its a great idea for cities that have big stadiums or can’t fill the stadium…like BC, Toronto and Mtl.

We should have discounted tickets for youth, our stadium is not big enough for freebies.

Would love to know the demographic for ST holders.

I believe it is both…well in my case ;D

I did this too. My brother worked at Dominion on Hwy 8 in Stoney Creek, so we occasionally got freebies as well.

Going to a game was a big adventure, taking the bus from way out in nowhere (near Millen Rd, lol) to the stadium & back.

I would pick up the bus from “Titan Mall” near Millen road. My mom would pick me up at the Harvey’s on Barton near the bus loop after the game.
Given that our stadium is only 80% full even for our “sell out” games it would be great to give youth day of game discounted tickets. But maybe that’s what Stub Hub and Kijiji are now for ?