Edmonton Eskimos=No Playoffs!!!!!!

How great is this, the Riders have a chance to knock off the hated Edmonton Eskimos!! I hope all of u rider fans are as pumped as I am, this game is going to be big! I am going to the game, and it better be a sellout so that we can cheer on our Riders and watch the Riders win, snuffing out any chance of a Edmonton Eskimo playoff berth!

I'm looking forward to the game, but make no mistake.....if the EE lose this game, they still have a chance to be in the playoffs.....their magic number in the West will be knocked down to one, making it a blasted miracle if they pull it off, but still.....I don't count them out unless they are mathematically eliminated.....

well if we cant knock them out of the playoff 8) lets just give them a good beating!! :rockin: :lol:

I'm okay with that.....lol

The Esks will be done.. even if its not official math.. But they'll be done!

I guess we spoke too soon. Would have been nice to put the Esks out of their misery. Instead, we have created our own misery. I'm not liking our chances the next two weeks versus Montreal. I'm afraid their slide is over! Perfect timing for us!

Good luck in the next two week against the Al's without Joseph. Now that we have our confidence back the deffence is going to kill Butler. Montreal 57 Saskatchewan 7.The score will a little closer in Saskatchewan.

Buy a lottery ticket and bet on the game. Tell me what you won with your bet!

Since the Al's came back in 1996 they are 18-2 against the Riders. The only the Riders will make playoffs is if the Eskies lose and even if they do the Stamps will put them out of the misery.

LMAO you gotta love Morons that pop outta no where with there big game predictions after the Als win one game in 7.... You related to EE the Poster?

We wiil see after Monday's game who is LMAO.I am sure it wont be Riders fans.BTW I feel bad for you Riders fans no Cup since 1989.The Al's ended a 25 year drought in 2002 of course we didnt have a team from 87-95.It could be worse just ask Ottawa fans.

SO 57-7 is your prediction based on what? History? well here is a little History for you... Als havent lost 6 games in a row for Eons until this year? How many times they beat BC this year? How many Times Riders beat BC?

Seeing a pattern here Sporty?? the teams are more balanced this year and any team can knock off another team any given Sunday..(Hello Hamilton) We may lose next week.. but 57-7 I guarantee you we will not.

So take yer crystal ball and walk quitely back to the Als forum before you make more an ass of yourself

Wake up Dentor the Riders cant even beat Edmonton after blowing something like a 14 point lead how are they even going to stand a chance against the Al's with no QB.FYI you are the ass cheering for a team that hasnt done jack in almost 20 years.

Yup …we are all Ass’s here in Riderville but every bit more football fans than you will ever be… with your “We are greatest thing since sliced French Bread” attitude…funny part is… you guys were playing like Burnt toast after one victory …now your in the Cup? Oh yeah I forgot your in the Eastern Division

BTW I hate French bread

It's all Greene's fault for bringing his Rider bad luck stench to Montreal.I guess Joseph borught his from Ottawa.

I have to admit it is kinda funny that Dentor brought up the eastern division, considering that it sucks so much! How many times in the last five years have a Western team crossed over to the East?

He does have a point. The Riders can’t beat the lowly Eskies!

Esks 2 Riders 0

SO? Hamilton 2 Esks 0 Riders 2 Hamilton 0

Edm cant beat the lower than lowly Cats :lol:

I think the operative word, when referring to the Eskinos, is “lowly”.

I made a typo, was about to edit it...then I thought, Eskinos...appropriate...!