Edmonton Eskimos - Danny Maciocia start packing

After 2 decades...I'm walking if they don't replace Danny. I've Weathered storms with the eskimos before but never have I seen such blatant disregard for the Eskimo fan.
My money is going to the weekends at the beach.

Or a BB fan? Hmmm…community owned team. Perhaps, we couldn’t compete financially in the past.

Why is anyone surprised by this season. Danny started of the season in one of his first press conferences stating that he expected the team to lose for the first half of the season, due all the changes. He later changed this to all the injuries. What he doesn't seem to understand is that all CFL teams change some what in the off season and they all experience injuries, but 6 of the eight teams still find a way to win. Need I say more.

Actually I don't mind the short pass it has been in the EE Playbook since the early 70's
Wilkie used it like crazy. Nothing wrong with passing short its more accurate harder to intercept etc. Only problem is that can not be your only offence. DM and Chaps underutilized Tyler Ebell. If they gained 5 or 6 yards on the pass and 5 or 6 yards on the ground EE would have won more games.

Well, it's looking like we'll be stuck with Danny for another year... but it's sounding like Champlaine could be getting the boot. God I hope so!

Excellent choice. Sign disco Danny for another ten years. Bring in Paopao to replace Chapdelaine! :wink: :wink:

It is time for Danny to be shown the door. It is long over due. If Rick LeLacheur is no prepaid to make this move then he should look at stepping down as President and CEO, as well as a director. They need to move in another direction. I am a big supporter of the Football club. However I am not a Maciocia Fan. It we need to put a winner on the feild, I do believe the team we have can do the job. I have no comfidence in the coaching capibilities of Danny Maciocia. I am sure he is a great guy but he is in over his head. Is it a wrong move to rebuild, no I don't think so. As for a couple of years ago when he won the Grey Cup, that was still spill over from the Higgins era. We need to make a move while we have some good players left like Ray. They should look maybe in the direction of Mat Dunigan, or maybe Dan Kepley to great football minds. What ever the case they need to get LaFors some action next season. Not just wait for Ray to get hurt. That is what the team needs is a great guy to complement the #1 guy. I have never spoke out against a coach in the past. I may not again in the future. I know that coaching is not easy. You are eather the best guy in the world or the worst. The thing is I never really like Danny's style even when they won the Cup. The was just something I did not really like. What ever the Board decides to do they need to sperate the positions of Director of Football Operations and Head Coach. There is too much responsibility in those two postions.

chapdelaine would do better if the little loser pipsqueak was gone. campbell hasn't done too bad with all the changes he had to deal with. Maciocia is the biggest problem.

I total agree I does not matter who takes over just as long as Maciocia goes. My 5 year old niece could do a better job coaching than him. Worst record in 38 years. He is probly going to get another promotion though. as he missed the playoffs for the first time in 35 years, and got promoted. I still am behind the team and always will be just not behind the coach.