Edmonton Eskimos - Danny Maciocia start packing

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The time has come for Maciocia to start packing his bags. The moment the Eskimos are eliminated from a playoff birth, the Eskimos' board of directors should make the move. It is better to bring in new blood late in the season than waiting until next seasons training camp. Saskatchewan brought Eric Tillman into the mix late last year, this allowed Eric to scout the team in real game situations. Maciocia inherited a Grey Cup team, and he has let it fall apart.

The CFL's most honest fan,
Roger Connery

He should get a 15 year contract extension with the team!


Because he is doing such a great job!! I love what he has done with the team :slight_smile:

Spoken like a truly bitter fan...

Actually Chief I like what he is doing too , but then I gotta admit I'm a BC fan . I think a few other fans like him in Edmonton too. Maybe Speed-kills is one of those too .

the esks truly miss Campbell's influence at the CFL office in Toronto.. you can't blame l'il Danny for that.

I agree with Speed_kills. I don't mind the Esks missing the playoffs for 15 years. LOL.

The only thing I see the Eskimos doing wrong is too many short passes to me it looks like the defenses make them throw short and come up and stop them. Maybe the recievers arent open or just plays or routes are too short. Just a thought.

I agree. The short pass has worked well throughout Ray’s career, but lately defenses have adapted to this strategy and have shut it down.


I think the Offence falls under Chaps dept machcocia oversees the team as a whole . I don't mind the offence so much I thought Lefors did a pretty good job in BC and Jyles did a good job as well considering he hasn't seen any action at all this year and facing a solid defence . The O-line needs to be more mobile though.
I think the problem has to be with Rick Campbell I think he should be the first to go. I think the team on the field isn't as bad as our record.

I guess maybe I should have added I’m a Rider fan hehe.

I agree, and bring in Marcell Bellefuille from Montreal to help him! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I will also mail you a Stuffed replica of Murray Pezzim, as an Mascot! :twisted: :twisted:

I'd like to see the Esks keep him! have the Esks go 11 years in a row, missing the playoffs! see their fans quit and walk away, give them 20,000 fans a game! no home playoff games in 19 years.. futility streaks that never end!

then you can know how it feels to be like the Saskatchewan Roughriders!

Somebody, quick, call the Wambulance!

And get it to Edmonton QUICK! :lol:

The Eskimos are the greatest franchise in the history of the CFL and you’ll never seen them sink as low the the Riders. You guys are all talk now that you finally had one good season, I hope Calgary crushes you.

Gave up too many long runs on first down. Folded like origami when the crunch came. Tough to watch.

Goodbye Danny and please, take Brian Hall with you.