Edmonton Eskimos at Montreal Alouettes

At least we scored a TD tonight. Onward and upward.

Yes, things haven't gone well for the Als this season, but they are still WELL within reach of winning the East.

Everyone is noting the Alouettes pitiful performance this year, but sad-sack Hamilton has an identical record!

All things considered the Als are in a better place than the Ti-Cats...and BTW I don't know how Austin can keep his job.

Genie Bouchard in attendance tonight.

Cats lose. Ottawa hopefully loses tomorrow and maybe even Toronto Tuesday if not then Sunday.

As long as it stays close in the east we have time to work out the bugs. Two character building road games coming up.

Riders followed by Bombers.

Given the Als managed to score their lone TD in three straight games now with less than 30 seconds left in the game, guess that calling them the two road games "character building" is a good way to put it.
Perhaps character building for the multiple coaches and consultants. Hopefully able to get the offense to score a TD a little earlier the game when the opposition has not already mentally headed to the locker room. :wink:

Technically true.

Records can be deceiving. The Cats at least have been competitive in their losses, are dealing with multiple injuries on the offensive line, and are without their starting QB. Montreal has been blown out in three consecutive games, have looked far far worse than what you call the "sad sack" Cats, and their starting QB is a bum.

Disagree. When the injured troops come back to the Cats' O-line and Collaros returns, the Cats will be much better off than Montreal. It won't shock me if the Als do not win another game this season.

And if you want to dump Kent Austin, I'd trade you Higgins and his complete staff for him in a heartbeat.

The Ti-Cats at least look like they can turn things around and are showing promise. Montreal are only showing futility.

They know how to go find "consultants" though :wink:

I thought they showed a bit more life.

The defensive breakdowns in the first half were horrific. Very poor fundamentals.

Smith's running is not proven. He looks stiff and awkward, like Printers did when he came back. His biggest flaw is throwing high which is mechanical. And poor touch. I counted 6 poor throws and 5 drops that should have been caught. I would keep him in there and hopefully restore his confidence and mechanics.

Interesting that Edmonton is readying Pat White to contribute with several packages for him at QB during meaningful parts of the game.

Most interesting thing I heard last night is that Garcia has a locker in the room with the players.

so now we have a consultant, hired by popp and he is dressing with the players....reporting to management. no confusion of roles there.

there is thinking outside the box, there is thinking " I am the smartest guy in the room", and then there is popp.


What would you like Popp to do ?

I would like him to resign.

That won't happen.

I would like him to do a presser and declare:
-his org chart.
-role of consultants and their term
-who reports to who
-does he support the coaches
-a clear statement f what HE thinks are the shortcomings of the team
-what is his current responsibilties and focus points

take questions

Before Popp can do any of that. The We ten half's will have to remove their man. Probably at season's end.

Why is that?

Worse thing that could have happened, happened. After doing a good job of stinking in the 1st half, the team just enough in the 2nd half for the org to spin this into a "step in the right direction" post-game BS.
Higgins was even praising Smith for having his best game.

It just might have been, but even that sucked. He has little accuracy, no touch whatsoever, and has such a hard time learning the playbook and reading the defenses they have been "simplifying" the playbook 6 games in. That makes it easy on the opposing defense, and even harder on the offense as we get deeper into the season.

While I'm torn about throwing another QB to the wolves while this is still in "gong show" mode, I'd like to stop wasting time with Smith and just go with Marsh. Let Garcia concentrate on mentoring him as the QB coach, and hope one of Dimm Whitty, Matthews, etc.. can draw up a half-decent game plan without having to keep simplifying it for Smith.

And end the Johnson experiment. Interesting fellow, but not the best available to get on the field.

Liked how EDM got creative with 2-3 RB's using one as a receiver sometimes.. wouldn't mind us taking notes and trying to get Whitaker more involved that way.

But no.. we're gonna get Smith again, because he's coming around you see?
Yeah right.

Couldn't agree with you more, G Man, well put.

Agree with you and agree we aren't going to see that presser.

We are still technically in the hunt and that begs another question. Will we add talent, especially as the NFL cuts approach.
Without the option clause, I don't see many/any real talent signing for more than a cup of coffee ( the remainder of the season). Like baseball, are we going to be willing to "rent" talent for the play-off race? It will be interesting to see each club's approach. There is little to no chance of TWO teams pulling away from us in the Least Division.

Popp will continue to run silent and we will be left with Higgins verbally strangling himself each week.

The only real answer or power we have is to avoid Molson . These folks speak fluent apathy when it effects the bottom line.

We are what we are. It's ugly, and there is no magic solution. This could be the 3-15 season that we've been incredibly fortunate not to have since the team returned to the CFL...

I'll be surprised if we make it to 3-15. 1-17 or 2-16 are more likely in my opinion. If some major changes are not made soon, I can easily foresee the players just giving up and going through the motions. I hope they don't, they are professionals, but it won't surprise me if it happens.

I wouldn't be surprised either, but I imagine we'd scrape by with a couple of wins at the tail end of the season when playoff teams are resting their starters. Just like how we score our touchdowns currently ... when the game has long since been decided.

Slant: I have been thinking about your comment-"I'd like Popp to resign."As noted by all, there is plenty of blame for our poor year to date. All the main actors have messed up royally. Popp was too much into his NFL dreams and, his recruiting behavior attested to that as the quality of his recruits has dropped. 2014 has to be his worst recruitment year of his long tenure with the Als- signing all those ex-Als this season has to be a new low for him. However, give Popp credit for all the good recruits he has brought to the team in the last 10 years. We have had two Grey Cups and, great contenders during that time. I look at the picture somewhat differently. I was glad to hear that Popp has a new 3 year contract, provided his NFL dreams and coaching aspirations are over. He is a sound football executive and, I am hoping he will again scout the NCAA with the proficiently demonstrated in those past years. He scouted some fine athletes and, brought the great Trestman to the team. I do hope he will lead a renewal of excellence back into the Alouette franchise.