Edmonton Eskimos at Montreal Alouettes

Any predictions for tonight? Will we score more TDs than QBs used in the game?

I predict I'll have 2 Stellas.

Oh, you meant the game. I just hope we lose by less than 4 TDs, and actually score one.

I hope we score one touchdown on offence and don't get completely humiliated in the loss. I know, I'm setting my expectations unrealistically high...

It will be interesting to see how much the attendance will drop-off after last week's debacle.

If the AL's lose tonight - the HC and OC better be gone........

With so many coaches already being paid to watch Oprah, and the reluctance of the owner to let Popp take over as HC, there may not be any dismissals for a while.

Some have said it before, this season is over.

I just hope they don’t take it out on the players, including Smith, in an attempt to save face.

I was thinking about it and decided against it. Going to dinner downtown
and then going to go for drinks and some live music. Catch the game off the pvr tomorrow.

Got Caroline Ouellette's parents to come to tonight's game. If they don't bring good luck no one will.

And Rick Moffat now added he'd buy the tequila AND the beer if the als go 1-7. I'm hoping he won't have to. :wink:

And it's world cat day. how appropriate is a ticats-lions game on this very day.

Yup, I’m one of them, and I do believe it is over.

Well if they release players after we get blown out yet again, I trust it’ll be performance-related. No way anyway to ‘save face’ with this train wreck

This gong show is a mess, from ownership to management to coaching to players. Lots of blame to be spread around.

But, speaking specifically of Smith, if he stinks the joint out again tonight as he has the last two games, then I would release him and not to ‘save face’, but just because he’s no good.

Sure the offensive package is useless; yes the coaching situation is a shambles. But that doesn’t explain why Smith can’t read a defence, won’t or can’t run, and can’t hit an open receiver unless he’s really really lucky; most of his passes fall short of the receiver or are badly overthrown.

So, were I in charge, if he lays an egg like the last two games, he’s gone. At his age I think what we see is what we get, and what we see sure ain’t pretty. Even last year, in his starts, he was, at best, mediocre.

In the last game, Brink was even worse; 9 for 23 passing is inexcusable no matter how bad the coaching is.

So another result like the last two I release both Smith and Brink; neither are our future. The rest of this lost season would be auditions for QBs; next game Marsh would start, Crompton would be #2, and one of the new guys in camp would draw in as #3.

As for tonight, just think. . . Troy Smith and Alex Brink, leading a dysfunctional offence with too many cooks now, up against a Chris Jones defence, that just happens to be giving up the fewest yards, the fewest first downs, and is the top pass defence in the CFL. Recipe for disaster.

And our head coach has the gall to say “it wasn’t time to sit quarterback Troy Smith” (from http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=458971)

After two absolutely abysmal performances against BC and Toronto, in which he led our offence to all of FIVE points in each game, well if that isn’t reason enough to nail Smith’s butt to the bench, then what in his mind would be ?? Smith’s been Ted White-bad.

Rant over.

Now I feel better.

Well it can't really get any wors ... never mind.

Kidding, this is after the TD. If the defence is flat this could make th least two weeks look good.

Awesome, a point.

I think it says the players have given up; check out the body language after a play is finished.

We really have to avoid 1st and negative plays. Always seems to be 2nd and 13.

At least we tried something different on ST there.

17-8 on another loonnngggg TD play.

Is that my pillow I hear calling me?

He had more than one game like that in Winnipeg, so I was surprised when he surfaced with you guys.

I'm glad.. worst thing would have been a ho-hum "respectable" loss, where they would have any chance of thinking they just need to be patient and things will work themselves out.
They won't.

We need embarrassing defeats, the kind that will force ownership to admit their mistake in hiring Higgins.. and move on.
This team is playing to get the coach fired, simple as that.

I'm not a Smith fan nor do I believe we will succeed in any meaningful way with him under center, but no sense changing him before fixing the coaching staff.. else you're throwing the next guy in the same vortex of ineptitude and he'll be doomed to fail as well.

Given how dysfunctional the Als coaching staff is this year, it may still not be entirely fair to judge Brink incapable.

I am NOT calling him good or predicting greatness, just saying there are situations where it is difficult to judge a QB.

That's true GHT, but we do have quite a body of work to look at when it comes to Brink; he's not an unknown quantity at all. He's played enough in the CFL for us to know what we have in him, and it ain't much.

And at the risk of repeating myself, the guy went 9 for 23 last week. . .. and against a relatively weak and banged up Toronto defence.

Well, another game that is over by half-time. Must be time to hire an additional coach.

Well, I hear that Sonny Wade is available