Edmonton Eskimos 2016 Schedule

We open with a re-match against Ottawa. Should be fun. No back-to-backs except for the LDC and re-match. The only thing I don't like is the end. In the last six weeks of the season we have one bye week, one home game, and four road games. Thankfully the bye week splits the four consecutive road games.


Nearly a month and a half between the second last and last regular season Eskimo home game... Sept 23 and the Nov 5, that's ridiculous at the end of the season!

Guess we better win early and often. Should aim to be 8-1 at home (especially since our home games are in the warm summer weather) and hopefully 5-4 on the road. Standard Deviation of 1. :thup:

13-5. First in the west. We will be fighting it out with Calgary for the top seed.

too bad people in the US will miss the rematch, and most games. Damn espn

Oh no some of us won't. http://www.rojadirect.me is one such site for those like us without access to ESPN3.

Otherwise I do have access to ESPN2.

Check out our roster, though I am not sure this is updated and the format does not show yet who is on the injury lists.


Note how we are stacked everywhere but at receiver, for which we have only seven players. That's not very deep at receiver at all when you consider one of the guys could be returning kicks, which is also not clear on the roster page.

Anyone have a better source for the roster? Again we are losing out on information from the old site's format.

There are several Sports Lounges that I and several of my friends “visit” that connect a laptop to at least one TV and show the CFL games on ESPN3 when they are not on ESPN2.

Well, winning early hasn't happened. We're about to go on a three game losing streak (I doubt we beat the Redblacks on their turf). I think Edmonton will be fighting with Saskatchewan and Winnipeg for 3rd.

We had an opportunity to jump out ahead with all these early home games, but that has been squandered by the D. 1-3 at home...

I think it's time for a near mid-season assessment given the dismal 3-4 record. The wins were only against woeful Winnipeg, Montreal, and Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan even took us to overtime at home! And then Winnipeg beat us the last time we played too.

Seven games into the season, somehow offensively we are on fire statistically after the lackluster win against Montreal that snapped a losing streak of three losses including two losses with sub-par performances against Winnipeg and Ottawa after the second-half meltdown loss against Hamilton on 23 July. But we have not had a good half of football since that meltdown loss in hosting Hamilton! :x

We are all over the top of CFL stats for offence:


There are lies, and then there are statistics right? :roll:

But amazingly even with those leading offensive stats, we have not scored more than 30 points since our meltdown loss against Hamilton on 23 July.

Defence? :roll: When 4 of the top 13 are leaders in tackles in the CFL with 2 of them DBs and 2 of them LBs, with only perhaps Almondo Sewell holding his own on the line, wow are we awful!

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/stats/?stat_category=defence&season=2016]http://www.cfl.ca/stats/?stat_category= ... eason=2016[/url]

But for sacks and other defensive stats not on the CFL stats page like hurries and knock-downs and tackles for loss (forced fumbles are on there too), defensive stats are positive for individual players but negative for defences. High tackle numbers for the secondary, for example, indicate numerous woes in the front seven.

Up next we are at Toronto, home with Saskatchewan, then at Calgary and home with Calgary. Oof! :roll:

I'm thinking we take only 2 of those and 1 has to be against Saskatchewan though we have been miserable at home ever since that first half against Hamilton.

And so 5-6 for the next checkpoint in September perhaps? If we get there without anyone major getting hurt, and we have a fighting chance.

It would be great to pick up perhaps some NFL cuts for the defence, especially for the defensive line, no doubt.