Edmonton elks logo is weird

I dont know if people in edmonton have ever seen an elk but its horns dont rest on its head! They grow out of the head. Its like the designer was tired and thought it was easier to just draw the antlers lying on the head of the elk. Also on the helmets why didnt they put the head of the elk instead of just the antlers. There helmets look stupid. The logo looks like it was drawn by a kindergartner.

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There Logo isn't weird. Eggs for supper is weird.


If they would draw the elk based in reality it would be good but as it stands its weird bro. Eggs are good anytime.


I think it looks great. Great use of the colors, conveys the image, is relatively simple to view and to draw, and the antler theme works, easily recognizable.


the colors are fine but the antlers aren't even attached to the head of the elk. Its a ridiculous logo.

"Weird??? Your girlfriend looks like mom". Pan image to two identical woman laughing. LOL! Funniest line in a commercial I heard in a long time

It's too plain right now. Needs some white outline to make it pop more

Your pants are weird lol

I agree the logo can be better and should be. Just put the head of some tough elk buck on there.

It's been a weird season in a weird year full of weird threads, but hey, I guess it has not been boring except for that very long off-season and that overstayed awful XFL BS.

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It's HOT TAKE THURSDAY! We need more!

I would agree with @Taleback that eggs for dinner can be strange though I have no issue with somebody who is hungry who wants them, but eggs for breakfast can certainly be strange as well if you are going to be heading out for worship or other events in the morning and sitting around.

How about those hot takes now!?

I would think it to be a bad idea to eat eggs before going out to the game, but then again one is outdoors the entire time so?

This sounds like the sort of discussion that might shape up into another riveting site poll between games.

Please discuss all.

It's 7:05 PM. I'm current having a full on breakfast for dinner. I work on grave and don't eat normal dinner hours. Eggs at anytime is good for me

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Aye I get you and concur, for I too work at least one night shift per week now and will continue to do so likely through the winter until I change jobs in 2022.

For now it's easier money and that big meal sure helps to keep us warm.

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Hot takes? By quoting a commercial? Never seen it? :yum:

Wow you just never know anymore. Apparently Elk and Eggs is a thing for kids. Who knew!?

There was also a villain on Batman known as Egghead who was played by none other than Vincent Price. Maybe the next generation, perhaps his vengeful grandson, could have an egghead with antlers?

This reminds me I need to stop by the real farmers' market near me, which is not one of those hipster trash concoctions, to pick up some farm-fresh eggs too.



Little known fact about Vincent Price, he was an expert and collector of fine antiques. I never knew that when I heard him rap on Michael Jackson's "Thriller"