Edmonton Elks Kicker Dean Faithfull shows up on the Injury List

An interesting Special Teams situation forming in Edmonton with this news;

As Dave mentioned, Julien is, professionally speaking, strictly a punter, however, he did kick field goals in high school.

So where do the Elks go from here? Faithfull is their Global player and it might not be easy to replace him this late in the season unless the Elks poach from someone’s practice roster.

Here are a few guys and why I think they would sign with the Elks;

  • Rafael Gaglianone - Global Kicker who was on Edmonton’s practice roster during the '22 season but was released before the '23 season.
  • Ryan Meskell - Global Kicker who played in 1 game for Edmonton during the '22 season.
  • Gregory Hutchins - Canadian Kicker who was with Edmonton’s practice roster for a number of years before being released ahead of the '23 season.
  • Michael Domagala - Canadian Kicker who had signed with Edmonton’s practice roster before being released during Week 3 of the '23 season.
  • Jose Maltos - Global Kicker on MTL practice squad

What do you guys think Edmonton does before their game on Sunday? Would love to hear your thoughts!


No idea. Can Tre Ford kick?


If they had left it another week they might find Marc Liegghio on the market.

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Not sure Edmonton fans would be happy with that lol.

Liegghio is an upgrade imo though.

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What can’t he do? I say let him try haha

Letting Segio go was a huge mistake. One of many errors. Maybe Brett Maher??

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Brett Maher is a good choice-but is he available? Hajrullah -available ?

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And of Tre ford gets hurt ?

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ha ha usually means he wasn’t being serious. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Maher is in a funk. Not sure I would want to be the team to try to get him out of it at this point.

I don’t think Lirim Hajrullahu is available at this point in time. He signed with the USFL’s Philadelphia Stars halfway through their '23 season and I think he will be sticking around there for another season.

I think I remember him saying he no longer wanted to play in the CFL and was going to look south of the border for new opportunities.

** Found it - Canadian kicker Lirim Hajrullahu not ready to return to CFL, willing to try USFL or XFL in pursuit of NFL goal - 3DownNation