Edmonton Elks/Eskimos

Do we now have to pretend that the Edmonton Eskimos never existed? Here is a quote from a CFL story, "He was the head coach at Bishop’s University from 2005 to 2010 and he was the d-line coach at Queen’s University in 2011 and 2012 before joining the Edmonton Elks’ staff in 2013."

Well I guess if the team that used to be called the Eskimos was a statue that certain people would want to tear it down . The team prior to this year was known as the Eskimos and that is how I will refer to them when talking about them pre 2021 .


The name might have changed but their history should not be erased.

Also could they dump Belair direct as sponsor?


You can dump any sponsor as long as you have another one lined up that is willing to offer to pay you the same amount or more for advertising rights .

Basically easier said than done in this day and age .

True enough. They may get more sponsors now.

I agree anything 2019 and prior (with the exception of 1922) should be referred to the Eskimos. If an editorial wants to avoid the word, just say Edmonton. They were not the Elks in 2013.

Are they going to change all of engravings on the Grey Cup too?


They'll probably want the Grey Cup dismantled and tossed aside . In it's place we could have the "Unicorn Cup" so as not to offend anybody .


This is 1984ish. The Elks didn't exist before this year (other than for a brief time in the 1920s). If they don't want to type out the word "Eskimos" an easy workaround is simply referring to "Edmonton" when writing in a historical context.


Stop being such easily triggered snowflakes. :wink: The Elks have existed since 1949 just as the Tiger-Cats have existed since 1869. It's just a name.


This is a little bit of a tricky one for me. I am completely fed up with woke moralistic ideology and the cancel culture of progressives. It’s divisive and fuels
hatred. It mirrors Orwell’s writing to a tee.
That said, if a majority of Innu find the name Eskimo offensive, I can see a reason
for the change. However, I could not care less if anyone outside of that culture
is offended by the old name. They have no say in the matter...Erasing history is not and never will be a good thing. They were the Eskimos and now they are not.
That’s all good. But how far does it go? Changing the Grey Cup? Blacking out
old articles or game film with any reference to “Eskimos”?

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Good point. Grey is the colour of the old white patriarchy. Let's toss the ol' thing, maybe switch to a recyclable material like cardboard for the new trophy.