Edmonton Draft Picks

I know this is a litlle early to talk about, but what do you think should happen for us in the Draft?
We get what? 3rd or 4th pick?

I think we should trade Younger to get Hamiltons 1st Round Draft Pick
Younger hasnt done a thing this year, and his "Canadian All Star" Status :expressionless: :? might be able to trick Hamilton to bite on the offer

if the trades a success we should invest both of our 1st Rounds on either
2 O-Linemen
1 O-linemen and 1 DB

Thats my opinion
Anyone else care to share?

We'll probably get fourth or fifth.

If we make any trades, we need to look them over carefully. I still think we got screwed in that trade we made with Calgary. But I agree with your selections... Go after some good O-linemen if possible.

Yea i think everyone can agree on the O Line part, but Younger has to go i think, get somtin valuable for him

and what do you mean? we go Stamps and Comiskey and Challenger didnt we?
who did we trade for them? I cant remember
but ill say it wasnt a bad trade, we got good players, but then again, idk who we traded fer them, if you could tell me, thatd be great haha

Well, if I remember correctly, we did get Comiskey, and possibly someone else, but we gave the Stamps our first round draft pick, so the Stamps had back-to-back first round picks. I believe they took two O-linemen with those picks. Now, I havent been following their O-line that closely, but it doesnt look like they`ve had that many problems in that department. So it makes me wonder if we should have kept that draft pick and gone after one of the rookies the Stamps took.

meh, it worked out fine, im not going to critisize anyone, we got Stamps and Comisky, which at the time, seemed necessary, Comiskey has experiance, and hes decent, that more appealing than gambling on a rookie that could be a no name in a few years
The trade was fine, Stamps was pretty good, didnt really watch Comiskey, but the o line improved a little this year, but is still pretty weak

I don't think we got Stamps in the trade. The CFL lists him as playing in Edmonton in 2007.

oh well thats pretty crappy..
cause Comiskey alone aint worth a 1st round pick

we might get a case of beer for jordan younger......i can't beleive that guy ...he was awesome in toronto....it's obvious he doesn't want to be here or is bitter about the trade ..he has done nothing but get beat deep all year.......trade him for a cheerleader with big (eyes) ........ :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

lmao agreed man, i hate Younger, im a DB myself (Safety actualy) but still know how to play db, and i know, you have to be absolutly TERRIBLE if you get beat deep, like, its easy, stay ahead of your WR... sign me up, ill play football for free, and i promise to not get beat... like wow
big eyes eh?
way to cover up... LMAO

The Picks are this Way
Hamilton 1
Toronto 2
Hamilton Via Winnipeg 3
Edmonton 4
Saskatchewan 5
BC 6
Montreal 7
Calgary 8th

I think Edmonton gave Toronto their first round pick this year for Prefontaine.

They did. And Edmonton got Kevin Challenger and Comiskey in exchange for the pick that became Tsoumpas (or the other one....it doesn't really matter, they were back to back).

So we got Comiskie and a receiver we never used. Wonderful. All we gave Toronto was a draft pick, right? Nothing else was thrown in...? :?

I hope we use Kevin Challenger on the active roster next year, and cut Brock Ralph (both are NIs).

I believe that because Prefontaine signed on with Edmonton for another season we owe Toronto a 5th or 6th round draft pick on top of it all.

challenger is gonna pay off big i think.:slight_smile:
ralph is gone .thankd godddddddd

gonna have an abundance of receivers this season.......

watch out western division the esks are gonna rock this year!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Wait a second... you act like Hamilton regularly gets fleeced on trades... what would ever make you think that! :roll:

With that sarcasm out of the way, remember, we did fleece you in the Brock Ralph for Chris Thompson trade.

ehhh but Ralph isnt any good anymore anyways, so we didnt need him, he wasnt a big part of our reveiving corps.

No, I'm talking about when we gave you Brock Ralph and you gave us Chris Thompson (led league in INTS this year).

Unfortunately the Esks did get fleeced on that one. :frowning: