Edmonton Db's are they PROS or JOES?

I cant see how the Edmonton db's can be considered PRO's.. Bobby KEYES does he know how to turn around when the ball is in the air-

Gordon was useless vs any deep pass--

The pass rush is pathetic--

How does GEROY catch that pass vs 2players-- NOt even one EDM player even judged the ball correctly in the air---

HALL maybe you should practice defending a pass in practice--

Edm Db's should be ashamed that they are called PROS, cause they are terrible.

Agreeeed to all of that!


We can take parker off ur hands for yeah !:slight_smile:

I’m not so sure he beat 2 guys so much as nobody covered him till the ball was in the air, I watched it on PVR a bunch of times and it looked alot more like they were converging on him as the ball was in the air as opposed to he beat them. Don’t get me wrong,I actually think this is worse than being beat on the play.

Edmonton Db's are hurt by the fact that their BASE PASS RUSHERS are the worst I have seen in the CFL for years. IS there really no players in the states better than KAI ELLIS? This man is stealing a pay cheque - along with PEACH and others on the LINE-- They have nobody to DISRUPT a QB--

Pass Defense wise in the 4th qtr Edmonton never sends any pressure and sits back, their technique is horrible on any deep pass, they dont even look at the ball and are following the receiver like a little kid following his mommy in a shopping mall-

TJ HILL is not good enough to play DB and way too small to play linebacker-- He gets burned all day in pass coverage, and why is he covering SIMON on that last pass--

Also Edmonton is by far the worst team in the CFL in trying to play zone ---- They have no clue how to play deep zones---

ALso please resign Ritchie HALL, you are a joke of a coach, you know nothing about football, you are a complete disgrace as a coach-- Your teams show up flat every week, you do nothing, you never challenge anything, you are a coordinator, stop trying to disguise yourself as a head coach--- you are not a head coach-- accept it and resign please

I can't speak for Peach's entire game as I didn't watch him that closely... but didn't he have two sacks last night?

Peach did have 2 sacks, I think BC forgot to block him twice since he made no effort to get to Pierce on the other 40 plays :?