Edmonton Cuts: Khari, Collier gone

D’Anthony Batiste (OL – Import)
Nicolas Bisaillon (LB – Non-Import)
Andrew Brown (LB – Non –Import)
A.C. (Anthony) Collier (DL – Import)
Brent Hafford (DB – Import)
Khari Jones (QB – Import)
Greig Longchamps (OL – Non-Import)
Dwayne Mundle (LB – Import)
Mark Shantz (OL – Non-Import)

I'm kind of pissed the Eskimos cut Anthony Collier. Sign Joe Montford back!

.....won't happen IMO, Montford will ask for Fort Knox to come back.....dropping Collier is a surprise, the guy was a sack monster last year, did some young'un usurp him in TC?.......the Jones saga ends on a somewhat sad note, old soldiers don't die, they just fade away.......

the writing has been on the wall for Khari for awhile now.....he was great as Bomber but those days are long since gone........Collier....wow, betcha he turns up back East somewhere....

Maybe this is an odd question considering the guy won the Grey Cup in his first year ... but is it possible Maciocia is a little whacky?

I can't follow every team's training camp stories, but it was hard not to notice Edmonton's moves at defensive end and QB. He cut Montford and Collier? All I can say is, those rookies he's uncovered had better be the Second Coming and lead the league in sacks.

And at QB - why bring Khari back for the second year in a row only to cut him again? What did he think changed since last year? I know people have mixed views on McManus, but clearly he has more left in the tank than Jones. Again, Maciocia must be supremely confident in his rookie QBs if he doesn't think Ray needs an experienced back-up.

QB Jason Johnson has been in the esks system for 3 years now. preseason game #1 he went
10/18 for 88 yards. He did very well last friday as well in pre-season game #2 in the second half… 11/19 for 103 yards. And this was going into the wind, with two drives starting at the esks own 2 yard line, and 4 yard line.
3rd string qb Stephen Jyles went 4/6 for 24 yards in game #1 and has a style similar to that of Casey Printers. Look for him to be a big name somewhere in the league within the next 3 years.

Khari had looked pathetic throughout all of training camp IMO, and was only brought in to ignite the youngster’s performance and efforts(johnson and jyles).

  • should ray go down or slump at all this season( I have reason to suspect he will right off the bat against Calgary- slump continuing from last year is 8 quarters struggling vs. the calgary d), I am not the least bit considered with Johnson stepping in Ray’s role for a period of time.

Man, on CFL.ca front page, an article on the Riders cite Roy Shivers saying he's still looking for a rush end. With Collier cut by Edmonton, I can already picture Roy on the phone.

Don't forget Montford. I'm shocked that these two outstanding ends are without work.

Maciocia is over-rated as a head coach. If it weren't for Hughie opening up the cheque book they wouldn't have even made the playoffs last year. As it was, they barely finished third and only won the semi-final because Calgary fumbled it away. If Edmonton try to play on a level (salary) playing field with the rest of the league this year, they will be exposed as the frauds they are.

Barely finishied third! Esks finished 10-8 tied with calgary. And if they won the last game of the season they would have finished 11-7, ahead of BC and first in the west! The esks won the west semi-final because they WERE the better team, calgary was inconsistent and kept turning over the ball... that means that the esks were better! Get your facts straight. Everyone was over the cap last year, so in essence every team was a "fraud" as you ignorantly put it...

Rumour has it Khari can now pursue his acting career! :wink:

Yup! :lol: I think it's somewhere in Calgary.

macocia is a moron...COLLIER IS A BEAST

west coast easy is pisssed his team sucks...i dont know whitch team he cheers for but other then the eskimos every team in this league sucks..edonton is in a league of its own every year

Maybe one day he will have something intelligent to contribute to this forum! Sad when he cannot even spell the name of his city properly!

I keep offering jm02's services to help tutor him, but I can't seem to get the two of them together! :wink:

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ok im so bad its not edonton, its Edmonton. i dunno what team WCE suports but since he sounds uneducated hes prob a BC fan

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