Edmonton could be in 4th if they lose tonite

As it stands now, the Esks are tied in points with Calgary and Sask at 14 with a game in hand. A loss tonite to the Lions would effectively have them teetering on the cross over spot, placing Calgary in second and the 'Riders in third.

Who'd a thunk it. :?

Well this game doesn't really affect my team..... but I'm picking BC to steal it at Commonwealth

Scary thought..... I'm sure it wouldn't sit well with many fans......

Hot off the press.....Marty York has uncovered another Hugh Campbell plot.

The Esks will tank the remaining games so they can cross over and have the Easiest root to the Grey Cup, beating up those weak Eastern Division teams. Edmonton will represent the East against BC.

Rememeber You heard it here first! :wink:

Sportsman...I think you are mistaking Calgary for Edmonton because it was mentioned regarding the Stamps on a radio show there. I can't blame you though, you just lack knowledge. If you knew anything about Hugh Campbell, or the Eskimos for that matter, you would of never made the comment.

Remember You heard it here last! :mrgreen:

Jameskimo....Easy does it...Tongue in Cheek! My first line should have tipped you off!

don't mind young jameskimo, my friend. he knows not of what he speaks. :wink:

Sorry, missed the sarcasm.

Well, if Sask and Calgary both win tomorrow then Edmonton is officailly in 4th place.

Not that I believe they would do it put it is possible.
Yet another reason to get rid of the crossover

Eskie fans....are you hearing some green and red foot steps. They looked terrible against the TiCats...the black squarril had a better chance against the TiCat o-line.

I don't understand how they could come up so flat after playing so well against BC....

It was a bad time to go into a slump, heading into TO this week. Good luck EE.

Hey Lancaster Jr - I hope you are looking at the film on how the Riders beat the Argos:


He's quick to abandon the run, but sticks with a passing game that fizzles once the defense drops 8 guys into coverage. Guess what Toronto's defensive plan is going to be, genius???

I'm surprised RD Jr. doesn't wear his hockey helmet while he's calling plays from the sideline.

Well Calgary has the bye so 3rd place is secure for the EE for now.

Of the Eskies remaining four games there are two that they have to win. They must beat Calgary and the Riders. Chances are very likely that two or all of these teams will end up tied. The tie-breakers is what it is going to come down to and if the Eskies prevail against these two teams then they will win the tie-breakers.

I think that works with the other two teams as well. Might just have to get a coin out to decide.

Definitely does, currently the Eskies hold no tie-breakers so they do not have a choice they have to win those two games.