Edmonton coaching staff are dumb!!!!!!!!!!!

Dumb decisions by Esks coaching staff cost the Esks the game.
Why on earth would you leave in the 2nd string qb who did not make a td on a quarter back sneak on 1st down from the 2 1/2 yard line on second down and try the same play. Everyone in the stadium and on t.v. (including the calgary defence) knew what was going to happen next- another qb sneak.
Why didn't you put back in Ricky Ray- then the Defence of Calgary has no idea what you are going to run. Would it be a qb sneak, a hand-off , a roll-out or a pass etc. etc.
Quite frankly, I would have left in Ray on 1st down. Three tries from the 2 1/2 yard line with Ray in at QB. You would have scored and won the game.
If I was an Esks fan I would be angry, angry, and owly!!!!!!

You sound a tad angry and owly.......fox get in
the turkey pen??? Or just cant stand to see Burris


Henry got it done driving for the field goal. Yes he did.
My point is the Esks had the game pretty much sown up with a td instead of a field goal because of non-creative absolutely predictable call two plays in a row.
Calgary were lucky and luck happens all the time in football - particularly the CFL. That loss could cost the Esks a playoff spot down the line. Henry redeemed himself for a week. Long live Oh Henry - Eskylo- You heard it from me. Go get some sleep now or take a valium. It was a great game to watch full of twists and turns.
CFL Rules!!!!!!!

yeah 3 roughing calls back to back to back sure help don't they?

I agree. That was some ridiculous play calling. Even after the first two sneaks failed, I would have kept Ray in on third and gone for the TD. How could they expect a 1 point lead to hold? The defence isn't that great... and losing a couple players at the start didn't help.

Oh well. Hopefully we rebound next week.

The Turkey has it right…
The Majoko must Go…
The home boys were robbed…
Don’t blame the player…Blame the Coach…
A.J not included of course, he’s dumb also…

Only this Eskimo coaching staff takes a gift TD and turns it into a FG. They should have had 7pts on that drive. It cost them the game, the officials gave them this game on a silver platter and Macioca refused to take it.

I am a tad dissappointed.
I expected typical Turkey irreverence, and I get...a point? For real?

Anyway, with the game on the line, I must say, putting Lefors in seemed odd.
I know he usually goes in at that point, but still...

Anyway, Chief?
You absolutely go for 3 points there.
At best(worst?), it is an either or choice, but no way Maciocia deserves any criticism for kicking the field goal.

When you consider that Calgary had TWO of their starting D-Line out, with injuries, you would have thing they'd have gone for it....not that they even deserved to be in that position. Bullshit officiating, otherwise they would have been kicking from around the 45. If I was Dancing Danny, I would have went for it on 3rd down, just cuz, if they didn't get the TD, the refs would have thrown a flag on another fantom roughing the passer, or PI, giving them another chance

Well, with TWO starting lineman out, Calgary just stuffed them on TWO consecutive plays.

The field goal was ABSOLUTELY the ONLY decision he could possibly make. Go for it on third down and fail and you lose right there. Kick the field goal, take the lead, and hope your defence can keep the Stamps out of field goal range. Even if they can't, there is the possibility of a miss, and if you can get the ball out of the end zone you win it; if not, you go to overtime. As it is, they lost, but at least they lost because Calgary outplayed them, not because they made a dumb decision in the final minute.

The play selection on first and second down can easily be second-guessed. But the field goal cannot.

You do not put in you short yardage QB....
In a game clinching drive...
Remember the end zones are 20 yards deep..
Your first n goal...let Ray make the play....

I can agree with that. If they had missed the FG, Calgary probably would have just ran the clock. Just a little sore I guess. It was an ugly loss.

But the first two plays were definitely bad calls.

Absolutely Hankthetank. If you are a linebacker or defensive back you cannot cheat up with Ray in the game because you have to respect EE's full offensive arsenal. With your 2nd qb in you know it is short yardage and 99% a sneak. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. May be a defining decision for the season for the Esks.
Eskimo land must be livid tonight!!!!!!!

Im happy it was a close game. Called a proline “tie”

Big Dave - I disagree. The esks should have gone for it on third down for several reasons. 1. they lost two starters on defence and the Stamps were moving the ball well.
2. Even if they do not make it the Stamps have to start on their OWN 2 1/2 YARD LINE. After the made field goal where did the STamps start from. They had good field position . It is a whole different game playing offence on your own 2 1/2 yard line. Two and out and the Esks would have got the ball back. But I think they would have scored with Ray back in and many options from the 2 1/2 yard line. Stupid play calling over three downs Eskimo coaching staff. Shameful!