Edmonton Chokers or Suicide Bombers-which 1-7 team is worse?

Each week, Edmonton finds a new way to lose a game in the 4th quarter. Running out of time, picks in the end zone--you name it, they've done it. Their HC Kavis Reed is a basket case who gets one new ulcer with each last minute loss.

Meanwhile, the Suicide Bombers just plain suck. Their QBs are all gimps; the receivers can't catch & the O-line are turnstiles. The defense is worn out from being on the field for 40 minutes a game. They have a head coach who should be a DC and have more holes in their roster than Swiss Cheese.

So, which team is worse?

Edmonton is the better team by far - they will be a force next year if they stay intact. Winnipeg is well behind that in its development

Edmonton just needs a win or 2 to get on a roll

Edmonton is getting better, but still not getting the bounces.

Winnipeg is still getting worse.

No Doubt about it the Esks look like the BEST 1-7 team I've ever seen.....As for the B.B's welllll the lest said the better !!!

Definitely Winnipeg. At least Edmonton looks like they have a clue as to what is going on on the field. They have lost alot of close games this year. I wouldnt be surprised to see Edmonton beat Calgary once, but highly doubt Winnipeg will beat SSK.

The Bombers , by far, are in far worse shape than the Eskimos… Reilly will be a star QB in this league, and remember that they have Nicholls, who will be another solid CFL QB… what do the Bombers have?.. not much… their best QB was injured, and their second best was ineffective, and BP got a few reps in between…

Easily the Boombers. At least Edm has something solid to build around. DD will always be #1 for me but I'm becoming a huge Mike Reilly fan

Seems unanimous expect for the one person who voted for the Bombers, but didn't post. Wonder why? 8)

I really feel for Bomber fans. I know how tough seasons like this are to get through all too well. All this turmoil in the head office, coaching changes and indecision with the QB position has trickled down to the team. They played like they just were there to fill the time tonight - I would say paycheck but most of them weren't even worthy of that.

As for Mike Reilly, the guy is beyond gutsy but I do fear one of these times he is going to get a hit that will put him out and then what do the Eskimos do? He's a fast learner - every game I see improvements in his ball handling and in this game, he was much better at progression and timing his throws.

The Bombers for sure, this is the worst I can remember since the Reinbold days. Absolutely void of talent. In the past we had bad teams but some really good players like Milt, Roberts, Brown, Khari, Glenn. I can't think of one player on this team I would keep going forward to build around.

Too bad the Sask. D-line and linebackers don't feel the same way. That last hit on Mike Reilly near the end of the game was a double headbutt and should have resulted in at least a 25 yd. penalty and double disqualification for intent to injure. I would be very surprised if there aren't fines handed out and possibly suspensions for that hit on Reilly.

If Reilly ends up with a concussion or gets hurt, the Esks will go back to being pushovers like they were at the beginning of the season.

I know what it feels like to see your team to lose by less than 4 points a half dozen times in a row, and it's infuriating. That's why I made this thread--for my good friends in Edmonton :lol:

Misery loves company.
Maybe we can show DD some love on Labour Day like the Riders did to Reilly :twisted:

I'm sure most of the D-line and linebackers respect Mike Reilly, he took a licking and kept on coming. It was a penalty at the end, but there's no way that was a 25 yarder.

As to the question, Edmonton has been in a lot of close games this year, and they appear to have some solid players to build a team around going forward. Right now they are miles better than the Bombers.

Bombers no question!!

The Bombers are SO MUCH worse!

Edmonton has given some very good teams fits this year. The Bombers have made for glorified practice days.

The difference can be summed up in one word...passion. The Esks at least look like they want to be out there on the field. The Bombers are playing like the games are interrupting their barbeque time.

This is a stupid thread or trolling , take your pick. The Bombers are getting blown out by everybody, getting a offensive TD , is a win at this point. Edm, just not finishing games off and losing close games. Reilly playing well and they will be giving Calgary all they can handle. The Bombers , hopefully get a rouge next week in Regina !

Seriously bro?? A 25 yarder and disqualification on intent to injure??? It was a hit that should have been flagged but I did not see them using their helmets as weapons with the intent to injure. I saw a bang bang play where contact was made with the helmets that should have resulted in a flag. It is pretty twisted that you wish a similar hit on DD next week.

I admire your attempt at trying to find some substance in the Bombers season.

We need to make a "Stay positive because now you know" commercial.

The Esks found a new way to lose in style after Kevin Glenn got injured. 3rd and 3 with the game on the line & Reilly throws a bomb into double coverage.

The debate continues...

no debate, the esks beat the bombers 4 out of 5 games, at least.

How do you figure bombers are getting worse. Last year didn’t we lose to riders 52 to zero. This year we gave you a good run till about close to the end of the third. And your riders are better this year. I already see an improvement with my Bombers since we got rid of idiot Mack and Bucko.We air lifted some players in just a short time and seeing some progress.