Edmonton cans Epstein......

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(Edmonton) The Edmonton Eskimo Football Club announced today that import kicker Hayden Epstein and import wide receiver Devin Lewis have been released.

Epstein was signed as a free agent in August and appeared in four games for Edmonton. He made 8 of 12 field goal attempts and also punted 16 times for an average of 41 yards

Assuming kicking duties immediately for the Eskimos will be Vincent Barbarino, a long time friend of Epstein and journeyman plumber from the South Bronx with limited football experience. "Yeah, I know youse guys neva hoid of me" stated "Vinny' as he prefers to be called, "but youse aint seen nuttin yet". Barbarino was quickly led away from the media at the Hamilton airport to join his new team by agent Arnold Horshack

lol... nice story redandwhite

And Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington, the Heisman runner up three years ago will be taking Devin Lewis' spot?

meh....Epstein was good at first but he was no good at punting, and then his kicking got worse, and now Wad is the man again

hopefully he'll gain confidence with a few field goals in the game against hamilton tomorrow.

Yes... I am sure you will need all those field goals to beat Hamilton :wink: OH BTW R&W great story!!!

He won't be kicking squat against Hamilton....he really has been released....check this website's home page.


we're talking about Sean, he'll get back in his rhythm, while staying in his punting awesomeness

On his way out of the conference he was overheard telling Horshack to “gimme drugs”… :wink: