Edmonton @ Calgary

Where is everyone? Must be watching the Jays - who are losing to the Yankees. :thup: I knew this game should have started t 4.

Are the Jays playing this afternoon? Glad to hear they are losing. :thup:

Think everyones at THF! Score is 12-0 for Calgary :thup: who you rooting for?

First time in decades the West game is the early game on LD.

I think those CFL commercials rock :thup:
18-0 Calgary

Flag when McDaniels slips. No flag for helmet to helmet on Reilly. Hmm. Wonder who the refs are cheering for. :roll:

Why is Edmonton playing Ottawa on Labour Day?

Gawd, I hate Calgary's stupid black uniforms. Ugly, and not their colours. Wear red you boneheads.

Game over.

Past tense. They lost!!! :thup:

Hope so!

Calgary. Need help to ensure there is no Crossover.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Game on!

Whoa! A game broke out!

1 possession game

Halftime 24-17 Calgary

Calgary KR needs to run that out with 25 seconds left in the half. Gave up a point for no reason.

What??? I went for a walk because it was a blowout. What the heck did I miss?

Teaches you for exercising.... :lol:

KR2, you never leave during the game, things change so quickly! :smiley:

This is the CFL..... no lead is safe!!! :rockin: :rockin: